ol beauty, he can usually win. Otherwise, why are there so many beautiful women in this world walking beside a man who doesn’t look good?


ol beauty, he can usually win. Otherwise, why are there so many beautiful women in this world walking beside a man who doesn’t look good?
/There are no other special tricks, they are thicker-skinned, shameless and patient than ordinary boys!
“Tonight, if I invite Gong Jing to the dance floor, I must find an opportunity to be ‘reasonable’, but I have to do it shamelessly!” Liu Shuang gritted his teeth, eyes spitting fire, and kept thinking in his heart. Once again, I strengthened my determination.
At five minutes past seven, three sophomore boys, dressed up like freshmen and feeling good about themselves, hurried toward the student activity center. Since tonight is the welcome dance for freshmen in the English Department, it is considered a “private party” for freshmen and is only open to freshmen. At the door of the ballroom, there are students from the student union checking tickets. A kind of ticket is only issued to freshmen. Temporary dance tickets are provided to prevent boys from other grades, other departments, and even foreign schools from entering.
However, there are policies from above and countermeasures from below. Liu Shuang himself worked in the Propaganda Department of the Student Union, and was also the deputy minister. The person checking tickets at the door was an officer of their student union. They all knew each other, and it was just a matter of words for him to sneak in.
Liu Shuang stood at the door of the student activity center and exchanged greetings with two male students from the student union who were checking tickets. How is this year’s “goods”? Are there any beautiful women whose eyes are shining that are worth buying? Two minutes later, he led Huang Pianpian and Wang Yibin, the two roommates he called over to encourage him and acted as foils, into the ballroom.
Fortunately, the evening dance will last until nearly 9:30 or 10:00, so there are still two or three hours left. “The days are long”, but I don’t worry about not having the chance to hug each other again.
In student dances, especially the freshman dances where no one is familiar with each other, there are two types of people who are the most idle: one is the boys and girls who are too handsome or too beautiful; the other is the boys and girls who are too ugly, too frustrated, and of course those who are too fat people. The former makes ordinary people lack confidence and fear; the latter makes people feel that it is not worthwhile, suffer a loss, and worry about being compared or even laughed at. So the most popular ones are the middle and above-average people.
In his previous life, Wang Bo fell into the category of “popular” people. After Su Mengyao, he was invited by several ordinary-looking girls in the class. Then, his self-confidence was like a bicycle inner tube that was violently inflated by a pump. , rapidly expanded, and finally he gathered together and launched an offensive invitation to the beauty of Hanamiya Shizugong, who was recognized as the most beautiful among all the boys in the entire ballroom.

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