m brothers:)


m brothers:)
Wu Xue’s return is both surprising and It felt reasonable and reasonable, especially after hearing her talk about the misery and horror of the current intern, everyone present understood it.
/Especially Zheng Yan, who has been working at Sanfan Group for a few months, feels the same way. In Sanfan Group, although Zheng Yan is the most beautiful person in the group, she is still just an ordinary salesperson. She leaves early every day and returns late every day, squeezing the bus, six days a week, miserable, and her salary is only 1,500. She eats group food with her colleagues at noon. canteen. Like Wu Xue, the first month was like hell. She was calm on the outside, but gritted her teeth and persisted on the inside, and she gradually adapted to the life of an ordinary office worker. At that time, looking back on the past, even if the personal relationship between her and Wang Bo were put aside, the treatment given to her by Wang Bo, her junior brother, was much higher than that of her peers and was quite good.
Seeing that Wu Xue mentioned the real situation of the interns, Zheng Yan followed up and talked about her actual situation in the Sanfan Group. It was a personal statement to prove that what Wu Xue said was true. These words were of course meant for newcomers like Chen Xiang, Luo Lin, and Zhang Xinyue who had never worked outside. They were a subtle flattery of their boyfriends, so that they would know about their luck and success. To be happy, don’t be born in the midst of blessings and not know the blessings.
Chen Xiang is probably the happiest person about Wu Xue’s return. She also saw her friend’s “suffering” in the Xinlong Group in the past month, and it hurt in her heart, but there was nothing she could do. Unexpectedly, her boyfriend suddenly “changed his mind” and asked Wu Xue to continue to be his life assistant. Chen Xiang herself guessed that it was probably her boyfriend who asked Wu Xue to come back in order to reduce her burden. Therefore, she was both happy and grateful for Wu Xue’s return. She was grateful to her boyfriend for his understanding and concern.
After Wu Xue came back, Wang Bo’s life returned to its previous state. Go to work during the day, take turns spending time with your girlfriend at night, and occasionally go to class to show your presence. Since he no longer needed to write a book, he had more free time.
So, in the past three years, Wang Bo, who had chosen to stay in the apartment most of the time unless necessary, began to walk out of his “purdah” without any problems, wandering around the campus, looking at the scenery, looking at the buildings, looking at the cool clothes, But in his eyes, the junior sisters and senior sisters were somewhat rustic. Several of his girlfriends, except for Zhang Xinyue and Han Lin, who are slightly weaker in appearance, are all top choices, class beauties, department beauties, and school beauties. And Zheng Yan is even more beautiful, one in a million. It stands to reason that with so many beauties around him, he should

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