, they would get nothing more.


, they would get nothing more.
However, if the other party agrees to give him a child and there is a blood tie between the two parties, then the concept is different. From now on, even if they are old and beautiful, as long as they have children, their lives and the lives of their parents will not be much different.
After getting Wang Bo’s promise to let them have children in the future, the women slowly figured it out and forgave him.
/A few sad and disappointed mistresses and young men were easy to kill. Liang Ya, Zhong Jiahui, Sun Li and Zheng Yan, the four “big-name girlfriends” in the eyes of others, made Wang Bo scratch his head. Among the four girlfriends, except for Zhong Jiahui, who is sure to have enough to live with, the other three are not fuel-efficient. If he doesn’t operate well, they will probably have a fight with him again. Because the four girls felt that they were already tolerant and indulgent of him, a heartless guy like a snake swallowing elephants, but he was still greedy and dissatisfied. Having the four of them was not enough, and he also had to mess around outside. That’s it, they understand that a man sometimes plays tricks on occasion, but the most annoying thing, the most intolerable to them, is that he actually had children with other women and had offspring!
This is really “tolerable, but what is intolerable”!
/Wang Bo, who has broken his trust many times in front of Liang Ya, Sun Li, and Zheng Yan, feels that just apologizing and admitting his mistakes will have no effect on a few women who are very thoughtful and have relatively independent personalities. He is afraid that he will not change despite repeated admonitions. It was difficult to gain their trust again, so in order to win back the hearts of several women who were disappointed and even desperate for him, Wang Bo had no choice but to save the country and move forward in a roundabout way.
A few days before Christmas in 2009, Wang Bo flew out a brand-new private jet he had just taken over, a Gulfstream G650, to fly Liang Ya’s mother Cheng Wenjin and fourth aunt Cheng Wenxuan, Zhong Jiahui’s parents Zhong Zhengjiang and Wu Caixia, and Sun Li’s parents Sun Bingguo and Liu Min, Zheng Yan’s parents, Zheng Xian and Bi Xinxue, all arrived at his luxurious castle on Long Island, New York, on the grounds that they were inviting his father-in-law and mother-in-law to come to the United States to spend an authentic Christmas.
In the past few years, the parents of the four girlfriends have also gradually learned that their daughter’s boyfriend is the world-famous genius and billionaire, Wang Bo Wang Zi’an. And he also knew that in addition to his own daughter, Wang Bo Wang Zi’an also had another girlfriend.
When they learned that their future son-in-law was actually “having both feet in the same boat,” at first, the parents of several girlfriends, especially their fathers, were of course “livid” and felt insulted. Several fathers, almost without thinking, told their beloved daughter to either break up with Wang Bo or to

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