s I will find soon will definitely be related to this watch, so now even if I can’t fully understand the meaning of it, But you will always know.


s I will find soon will definitely be related to this watch, so now even if I can’t fully understand the meaning of it, But you will always know.
/So I packed it up in an evidence bag and put it in a locked cabinet. At this moment, I suddenly received a text message on my mobile phone. It was the number that had not appeared again for a long time. I recognized it at a glance. , I saw the text message saying–You got it.
I couldn’t understand what those four words meant, but I knew he was talking about this watch, so I called him back and asked – what did you get? The intestines are tied to the intestines.
Just like the previous few times, the text message fell into silence without any response. This text message made me more doubtful, so I checked the watch carefully again, for fear that something was wrong.
There is no doubt that this is a good watch, which means that the person wearing it should have a certain financial ability, but I don’t have an impression of what kind of person this person is, because I can’t infer it from a watch. No matter what this person looks like, it would be amazing to me if he could really do this.
But just when I was thinking like this, a person suddenly appeared in my mind. When this person appeared out of the blue, even I was shocked, because it appeared without any warning, or even… It just happened all of a sudden, his image appeared in my mind.
I would like to say that I still remember this person, but in fact I have almost forgotten it. I would like to say that I have forgotten it, but sometimes I can still suddenly think of him when I have nightmares or at a certain moment, just like the head I received for the first time. That way. I didn’t realize who he was at the time, but later I realized that this was someone I had seen before.
And now that’s on my mind. It was this man, but I had only met him once, and only once, and when I saw him, he was already a dead man.
If I really want to talk about this person, I don’t know his name. I don’t even know what kind of person he was. I only remember his tragic death face. When I saw him, he was struggling and lying not far from my feet, looking at me with helpless eyes, and his body was full of the breath of death.
I clearly remember that I was still in college at that time, and I just happened to see such a scene at an intersection. I don’t know how he flew over, but when I saw it, I heard a scream and a startled sound came from the crowd. Phew, I saw an En crippled like this, and then rolled down less than a meter away from me. There was a lot of blood splattered on my body, and then his face turned towards me. His eyes were wide open and he kept staring at me, so for a long time, those eyes were the source of nightmares, as if his death was directly related to me. He is a talented person.
The man later died before emergency help could arrive. His eyes didn’t close until he died. I just saw him looking at me and closing his mouth, as if he wanted to say something. He stretched out his hand weakly towards me,

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