n find Archie extraordinary!” David said in a deep voice.


David’s words stopped Lake Chaofan from trying to persuade him any more, and even Jonah Chaofan looked at David in disbelief.
You must know that except for David, everyone here is extraordinary. What David said here is unlikely to be a lie.
“Do you really have any idea?” Before Lake Chaofan asked, Jonah Chaofan asked first.
“I have an extraordinary creature pet. Although it has no fighting ability, it has good tracking ability. As long as Archie extraordinary does not leave the Guardian Star, I can find him!” David said with confidence.
/Since Archie Chaofan just escaped, as long as there is Archie Chaofan’s breath, Xiaobai can lock the breath and find Archie Chaofan.
“If you can really find Archie, Kador Academy will not be stingy with the reward!” Jonah said in a deep voice.
David used his spirit to contact Xiaobai, and Xiaobai swam out of the hole opened in his custom-made exoskeleton armor, stretching out his letter to collect various scents in the air.
It was obvious that there was an aura that Xiaobai was very afraid of. Fortunately, David was beside it, which did not affect Xiaobai’s collection of auras.
With the help of the returning Glenn Chaofan, he found the direction Archie Chaofan escaped from and locked a breath in this direction.
“Find Archie’s aura, shall we track it together?” David looked at the extraordinary ones and asked.
“The rest don’t need to go, just me, Lake and David will track them together!” Jonah Chaofan said without hesitation.
Jonah Chaofan and Lake Chaofan are the strongest here. They are also the principals of the two colleges and have the highest status.
The other Chaofan were just interested in the top skills, so it was hard to refute Jonah Chaofan.
“Please keep the abilities of David’s extraordinary pet a secret!” Lake Chaofan said after looking at the Chaofan present before leaving.
Several extraordinary people nodded in agreement.
This is also what Lake Chaofan is thinking about for David. You must know that David’s extraordinary pet can track the extraordinary aura. If others know about it, they will probably ask David for help because of this. Some extraordinary pets even do not want to be tracked. Will kill David directly first.
Here are all the extraordinarys of the Academy Alliance. Except for the two principals, the other three extraordinarys have a very good relationship with each other and often form a team to fight together, so it is not difficult to keep this secret.
Besides, this is Lake Chaofan’s request. With these few people present, no one will leak the news at the risk of offending Lake Chaofan.
“Thank you, Principal Lake!” David said extraordinary thanks to Lake while paying attention to Xiaobai’s guidance.
“You also exposed the extraordinary pet’s ability because of me. Don’t worry, I can guarantee that the few people present will not reveal it!” Jonah Chaofan felt much better after seeing David’s methodical tracking. assured David.
“David, you can rest assured now!” Lake Chaofan said

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