obinson to eventually defeat Howard and become the dunk king that year.


obinson to eventually defeat Howard and become the dunk king that year.
If he makes a leap over O’Neal, the visual effect will definitely explode!
“No, that’s definitely not possible.”
But O’Neal immediately shook his head.
Let’s play, let’s make trouble, don’t make fun of Qiqiu!
O’Neal doesn’t allow others to dunk on his head.
In fact, so far in his career, he has only been dunked a handful of times, with only two records recorded.
Once it was that man, Michael Yes, it was me again Jordan.
Another time, it was Derrick Coleman, the boss of the Nets at the time and the former No. 1 pick.
Coleman waggled his fingers excitedly after dunking, only to be brutally retaliated by O’Neal, who beat him up every time.
Including the most classic scene of O’Neal smashing the rebound, which happened against Coleman.
Therefore, O’Neal is very concerned about this kind of thing.
“Okay, then I can’t win the slam dunk contest.”
Sun Hao started to “act like a baby”.
Last year’s dunk contest proved that it is still difficult to win the championship based on creativity alone. His dunks must be made to look both creative and difficult.
“No, no.”
O’Neill still refused.
“I’ll do it from behind.”
Sun Hao didn’t give up yet.
O’Neill was stunned for a moment.
Sun Hao’s words reminded him of something.
To be honest, this matter of riding a dunk has never happened in the NBA, but it did happen once off the court.
And the man who did it was Kobe.
That was the 2000~2001 season, and it was a sweet period for the OK team that had just won the championship.
During a training session, Kobe took advantage of O’Neal not paying attention and dunked O’Neal from behind.
O’Neal had a good relationship with Kobe at the time, so he just gave Kobe a warning not to do similar things in the future.
O’Neill still shook his head.
It’s not that Sun Hao’s relationship with him now is not as good as Kobe’s relationship with him back then.
But this is a slam dunk contest after all, and it is under the eyes of the whole world. He, O’Neal, can’t let go of this face.
Sun Hao still shook his head when he saw O’Neal, knowing that this idea could only remain in his imagination.
“I can pass the ball to you.”
O’Neal saw Sun Hao’s slightly disappointed expression and suggested.
“Just like when I played the Mavericks, I passed the ball to you.”
/O’Neal continued.
Don’t tell me, he still enjoys passing the ball like that.
/Sun Hao nodded, and O’Neal passed the ball to him in the dunk contest. This is actually quite good when you think about it.
After all, O’Neal doesn’t give people the impression that he is very good at passing the ball like Divac, but in fact his passing is very good.
The two reached a consensus, and what Sun Hao wanted to think about next was what moves to use in the dunk contest.
This is a question worth thinking about. You must know that O’Neal will not give him a header or hook like Nash last year.
Time flies, and it’s mid-January in a blink of an eye.
Sun Hao and O’Neal practice

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