p killing the wrong person. The same thing happened for a reason.


p killing the wrong person. The same thing happened for a reason.
In retrospect, not to mention that it was not clear whether he had peeped at Peng Lili taking a bath, even if he peeped at Peng Lili, a three-year sentence was too severe.
From this perspective, both Peng Lili and the general environment at that time were responsible for him getting to where he is today, but as just said, being wrongly accused cannot be a reason to kill.
Su Haibing sighed secretly and said calmly: “Let’s talk about murder first.” ”
Don’t you already know?”
“We want to hear what you say.”
/“Okay, let me tell you, I hate her, I hate it so much that if she hadn’t falsely accused me of being a gangster, I wouldn’t be in jail. After I was released from prison, people would talk behind my back wherever I went. The street cadres introduced me to several jobs. As soon as the work unit heard that I was a gangster who had been released from prison. Just say that there is no shortage of people. My whole life has been ruined by her. I never thought of killing her at first, and I didn’t dare to kill her. I just wanted her to stand up and prove it, and tell the Public Security Bureau and the court that I was innocent. Help me restore my reputation. But she avoided seeing me and didn’t answer the phone. I went to the Seamen’s Club to find her. She told the Port Authority Security Office that I was harassing her, and the people from the Port Authority Security Office beat me up.”
Tan Haichao is no longer afraid. , replaced by anger.
He clenched his fists and gritted his teeth: “She hurt me so badly, how can I make her feel better? From the day I was beaten, I was determined to die with her, kill her, and then surrender, so that we can die together!” ”
I want to die together!” It’s better to surrender with someone else’s dagger.”
I Unlike her, I never thought about setting up the blame. I bought knives, but none of them worked. This one made by Zheng Jiwen is easy to use.”
Su Haibing asked: “Then what?”
“That night, the car I was alone in the repair shop, and there happened to be a Peugeot that had just been repaired. I calculated the time to catch up with her after work, so I secretly drove back to Nangang. There were no traffic police at that time, and no one checked if I didn’t have a driver’s license, and it didn’t matter if I parked on the right. Just wait for her on the road.”
Tan Haichao finally had a trace of regret on his face, but it was obvious that he didn’t regret killing the person, but regretted killing the wrong person.
He took a deep breath, held the chair handle tightly and said: “I saw a person coming over, dressed exactly like her. I thought it was her, so I started the engine and stepped on the accelerator and drove forward slowly. She saw me stopped and held me up with one hand. The bicycle was looking at my car, and I was shielding my eyes with one hand. Maybe the headlights were too bright. I put on the handbrake, grabbed the dagger and rushed down to stab her. She screamed. I didn’t pay attenti

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