ector Deng called again. Why don’t you go down to eat first.”


ector Deng called again. Why don’t you go down to eat first.”
What was being examined were the murdered girl’s clothes that were burned to pieces and the sneakers that were not completely burned.
Han Bo carefully picked up the half-burned bag and put it under the microscope while adjusting the focus and whispered: “Xiao Gu, when you were in the Criminal Court, your teacher must have emphasized the importance of reconstructing the scene more than once. As a As criminal science technicians, we must inspect the scene repeatedly, carefully examine the evidence, and restore the situation at that time. Because any behavior will leave certain consequences. The world is material, and matter is in motion. In the world All things are in eternal motion, and moving things will reflect certain information during their movement. This information will be expressed as certain imprints or images on the thing itself or on related things other than itself. These Imprints or images are what we call traces. The traces left at the scene, no matter how small, are the last things that the deceased can leave to this world during his lifetime. What we can do, what we have to do, is to rely on criminal justice to Scientific knowledge, try our best to restore their last few minutes in this world.”
As soon as Xiao Gu finished speaking, a technical policeman suddenly straightened up: “Bureau Han, I also found a white spot here.” ”
Okay. , let’s take a look.”
After repeated inspections by four people, they found a drop of white dots on a shoelace of the victim’s burned children’s sneakers, and then found two drops on the inside of the victim’s skirt that was burned to pieces. Tiny little idea.
/Clothing factories don’t make shoes, and shoemakers don’t make skirts.
/If there was only one drop it might just be a coincidence, but finding three drops at the same time is unlikely to be a coincidence.
Although he didn’t know whether this discovery could play a role in the detection of the case, Han Bo was still very excited and immediately said: “Old Huang, Xiao Gu, cut out the place where the white spots were found and make them into inspection materials; Xiao Liu, Go prepare reagents and see what this is.”
“Director Han, what reagents are you preparing?”
Thinking that they usually only do routine physical evidence identification, Han Bo suddenly reacted and picked up a pen to write down a list of the required reagents.
When he makes a discovery, he needs to strike while the iron is hot to test it. The people downstairs can only wait.
It was a rare gathering, and no one complained. Even though the principal was away, the conversation became more and more lively.
“It must be a high promotion.” Bureau Deng looked back at everyone and laughed at himself: “Chairman Xie, Mayor Xu, the deputy bureau is the end for us, but not for Han Bo. And now it is no better than before, the Political and Legal Committee The secretary no longer serves as the director of the Public Security Department (bureau). His room for advancement

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