to him, this is a family.


In addition, there have been many legends about David recently, so finally a strong man from their direct lineage has appeared in their lineage.
“This is my company, please come and sit inside first!” David explained while inviting.
“Oh my God, this company belongs to you?” Mayor Ned asked in disbelief.
/Mayor Ned has paid special attention to this asset management company recently. Large amounts of investment have been continuously invested in various industries. The scale of it surprised him.
Such a well-funded enterprise needs him to build good relationships. Once the company increases its investment in Chia City, he can have a considerable political achievement.
For Mayor Ned, political performance is an upward ladder. With his family background and political performance, he has no problem taking the next step.
Therefore, in recent years, he has paid special attention to political achievements and does not want to let go of even the slightest opportunity.
“You know, I got some small money outside and gave it to my friends to invest!” David said with a smile, and then introduced to Mayor Ned: “This is Alva, this is Healy, they are both The weapons master is also helping me manage the company!”
/Walking all the way back to the conference room, David asked Mayor Ned to sit in the main seat, he took the second seat, and the others sat down separately.
“No wonder I heard that this company is under Fox’s extraordinary protection. It turns out it was you!” Mayor Ned also understood something at this time and said with a smile.
At the same time, he also thought about the origin of the company’s name, Kerr Asset Management. Isn’t it the company’s name after David?
“That’s how Uncle Fox takes care of me!” David replied with a smile, and then he asked: “Second uncle, I wonder how many credits you need to invest in Chia City?”
“Let me tell you first, the return on investment from investing in Chia City is not high, but it is better than stability. Then don’t let your second uncle bully you and let Emma come to trouble me!” Mayor Ned said jokingly.
“No way, if my second uncle gives me orders, I will do my best to complete them!” David said with a smile.
He doesn’t care about credit points. Ertuo Fund’s market value is 5 trillion, and 70% is 3.5 trillion. Such a huge wealth has made him have no sense of credit points for a long time.
“What do you think of the investment amount of two billion credits?” Mayor Ned didn’t want the lion to open his mouth. He was also afraid that Lady Amelia would cause trouble for him and bully his daughter’s boyfriend.
“I just listened to the work report of the senior executives. Do you think the 20 billion investment will be helpful to you?” David directly increased the amount mentioned by Mayor Ned by ten times and asked.
Although he has not yet finished listening to the work reports of the senior executives, he has listened to most of them, and David has almost an understanding of the situation of Kerr Asset Management.
It’s easy to come up with 20 bil

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