e in the trials through his connections.


It was difficult for David to answer for a while, because as Principal Lake Chaofan said, a bad answer can really hit them.
“David, what level of strength have you reached?” Mike suddenly asked.
Although strength is not the only criterion for determining strength, at the student stage, the amount of strength has a great impact on strength.
“My strength has reached the peak of a soldier!” David answered honestly.
“God, how did you improve so quickly?” Fitch exclaimed from the side.
They knew how powerful David’s power was before he went to the Guardian Star. They didn’t expect that he had grown to this extent just after going to the Guardian Star for two months.
“When you arrive at Guardian Star’s academy base, you can use your points to exchange for level three enhanced meat. By then, your strength will soon reach its peak!” David explained with a smile.
“We don’t have your sniping ability!” Fitch said disappointedly after hearing David’s encouragement.
This sentence is true. With the points required for level three enhanced meat, how could the five of them afford it.
“David, why don’t you and Miles use any strength and just rely on skills to compete? Let us also see your ability as a heavy ax master!” Mike suggested.
Mike didn’t think that the academy would think that David could defeat them in a battle just because David had become a top warrior.
The five of them all have their own talents. They are all rare talented soldiers, and they have a natural advantage in fighting.
Although the former David was also very strong, he had not yet made them feel that he could attack them.
Mike was very curious about David’s ability to make the academy think that as long as David took action, they would be hit.
/This means that there is a big gap between them and David. This gap is so big that they can’t imagine it, and they will feel the blow.
Curiosity can kill a cat, and it can also make five top geniuses come to David for this reason.
“It’s better not to compete!” David immediately refused.
He is now the ‘Heavy Axe Master’. Although Miles has the gift of strength, his ‘Heavy Axe Mastery’ is so poor that he has not even reached the ‘Heavy Axe Master’ level.
Of course, he would not say this, because the ‘Heavy Ax Master’ is already the ultimate goal of all Heavy Ax warriors in terms of skills.
“We are friends, and it is normal for friends to compete with each other. Let us see each other!” This time it was not just Mike who asked, but several other students also said.
“Let’s talk first, be mentally prepared, let’s go to the practice room!” David shook his head helplessly.
Although this villa is small, it also has a small practice room, which is enough for two people to fight.
Neither of them used their own weapons. Miles’s weapon was a second-grade heavy axe. David usually used a second-grade heavy ax in front of them. If he used a heavy ax of this grade, he would not be able to use it without armor. In this situation, just one mistake can lead to death or disabili

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