ai Ze actually said these words.


But the two demon saints did not have any sense of whim.
Jiuying Demon Saint said: “In this case, we might as well observe outside and make sure there is no danger before entering the Sun Star to attract the Queen of Heaven!”
Demon Saint Baize pondered for a moment when he heard the words, and immediately said.
/“This is a good way!”
As he said that, he took the Nine Infant Demon Saint and another Demon Saint and retreated toward the outside.
At this time, the three demon gods have not yet entered the range covered by the Earth Emperor’s Path-Providing Diagram, but this distance is actually not much different from entering the Earth Emperor’s Path-Providing Diagram.
I saw a faint purple-yellow fairy light appearing out of thin air in the blazing void realm, and instantly blocked the three demon saints.
“Fellow Daoist Bai Ze, why are you coming and going so quickly?”
An indifferent voice emerged from the void, carrying an invisible chill.
And almost at the same time, Zhang Jian’s majestic will of the soul quietly filled the space and time of the star field, and the majestic pressure of divine power swept towards the three demon saints like a torrent.
The mighty power of the Supreme God seemed to cross endless time and space, and its destiny fell into the body of the three demon saints, causing the three demon saints to have countless skeletons, the demon light exploded, and countless blood mist exploded around them. In an instant, they became three blood demon saints. people.
Under the shroud of vast will, even the most powerful demon saint Bai Ze’s expression changed.
At this time, a layer of majestic white Dao pictures appeared around him, manifesting the supreme mystery of the Demon King’s catalog. There were vaguely countless beasts, demon beasts, fierce beasts, spiritual beasts, and divine beasts roaring from them, and countless divine lights came from them. As it rose into the sky, a magnificent divine destiny emerged from it, and the demon king’s status was filled with wisps of primordial light.
This demon saint Bai Ze has understood some of the mysteries of the Taoist.
At this time, with the help of these wisps of original light, he finally withstood the terrifying pressure.
But at the same time, looking at the familiar purple-yellow dragon shadows all over Zhang Jian, Demon Saint Baize also recognized Zhang Jian.
“It’s you!!”
The matter of immortality in the true world was something he would never forget.
But at this time, he was still more shocked deep in his heart.
“Fellow Taoist Bai Ze, we say goodbye to the true world of immortality in a hurry. My Taoist demeanor is so memorable!”
Zhang Jian smiled slightly, but the strange look in his eyes made Demon Saint Bai Ze feel a terrifying sense of whim.
Without the interference of Zhang Jian’s secret method, this sensitive intuition finally returned again.
/But it’s too late.
He felt that all directions were directly blocked by the terrifying murderous intention.
He even felt that he would fall if he moved!

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