o start a battle with the evil dragon Yurisian”


Very warm and kind, but whether it is in church books or in the myths of Silver City, giants are violent creatures with extremely destructive desires. Well, anything is possible in the book, it depends on whether the author is round or not. Klein gently Nodding, he followed Grossel towards the wide cave.
Upon seeing this, Edwina approached the three of them without any abnormality, seemingly leading the way, but in fact she whispered a few words:
“The history they tell is a bit strange.”
“The same goes for language. No matter which language is spoken, each other can understand each other.”
Although this is a book world created by Grossell’s Travels, everything is possible, but the details of certain things can still reveal certain problems.
For Klein, what matters is not the fact that each other can understand each other, but the way in which understanding is achieved.
/This world has solidified rules similar to knowing the language, but there is still a consciousness that stands above everyone and assists in completing the work of simultaneous interpretation, just like what I did in the Tarot Club. If it is the former, the goal is to not understand the giant language. It was clear that what he heard was a strange language, but he could understand the meaning. If it was the latter, what he heard was familiar languages. Because he mastered a variety of ancient or supernatural languages, Klein was unable to make an accurate judgment for the moment, so he slowed down slightly. Stepping side by side with Daniz, he lowered his voice and asked:
“What language did you hear Grossell speak just now?”
Daniz was stunned for a second, then recalled:
“It’s a somewhat familiar but unfamiliar language, but I understand everything.”
The supernatural language he fully masters is ancient Hermetic, followed by Elvish, and he can only be considered a beginner in Giant language.
Well, it is similar to understanding the rules of language at the spiritual level. This shows that the underlying rules of the world in the entire book can be different from the outside world and originate from one’s own settings, but the changes do not seem to exceed a certain limit. This is doubtful and needs to be verified. After all, it cannot be ruled out that there is a “fool”-like existence, and the possibility of using spiritual communication to complete the translation. Edwina is indeed very keen and good at observation. The problems she discovered point directly to the essence of the world in this book. Thinking about it, Klein Entering the large dark cave slowly and slowly.
As for the strange history told by the members of the protagonist team, he was not surprised at all, and was even waiting for the details in this regard to be presented.
And this is one of the reasons why Klein took certain risks to enter the world of the book.
In the wide and airy cave, three humanoid creatures were scattered around a bonfire that emitted light and heat.
One of them was wearing an extremely simple white

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