p the rice in his hands, he just said.


“How could Sister Yuxian disappear for no reason?”
He had expected this.
Sure enough, Qi Yuhua said: “I heard that before Sister Yuxian disappeared, there was someone from outside the Prince Consort’s mansion. My uncle has been running around inside and outside the Cave God Temple recently, trying to find out the news!”
Hearing this, Zhang Jian smiled and said, “I guess Sister Yuxian has met some kind of fate!”
Qi Yuhua personally went to the Dragon Palace and knew that Zhang Jian was an immortal cultivator. He knew some secrets, so he nodded.
“I hope it’s fate, and I don’t want to encounter evil ways!”
Qi Yuhua was still a little worried, and at the same time her wonderful eyes fell on Zhang Jian.
“Husband, you have great supernatural powers, do you know the reason behind this?”
Zhang Jian smiled when he heard this.
“I heard Sister Yuxian mention it a few times. I think Sister Yuxian has made up her mind!”
Qi Yuhua couldn’t help but feel jealous after hearing this.
/“I didn’t expect that my husband knew all about this, but it made me worry for a long time!”
Hearing this, Zhang Jian laughed: “I didn’t mean to hide it, but it’s Sister Yuxian’s private matter after all, so it’s not easy to publicize it!”
With their worries gone, the couple laughed and joked for a while, but during their chat they mentioned political affairs between the DPRK and China.
/“The day before yesterday, I went to Qi Mansion and returned home to see my grandfather. I heard that General Yang had been promoted this time and was planning to stay in Haojing City? My husband, you are the chief editor of Chengtian Palace. Have you heard about this?!”
Zhang Jian nodded and said: “That’s true, General Yang is finally rewarded after all the hardships!
At this age, he can still be promoted to the title of prince, which can be said to be a glorious ancestor! ”
These days, the new appointment of Yang Gonghu, who is the leader of the heroes who suppressed the rebellion, has finally been finalized. In fact, many civil servants in the court were originally inclined to suppress it, but Emperor Jingwu resisted all opinions.
Yang Gonghu was awarded the highest level of reward.
In addition to conferring Yang Gonghu the title of Marquis of Tongcheng, he also conferred the title of General Yang as the Central Protector of the Army. As a general, he had great authority and commanded an entire army, which was a great success!
Daqian is a little different from the previous dynasty. The Central Guard is a branch of the Imperial Guards, and this official position is an official subordinate to the Captain of the Guards.
The captain of the army guard is usually held by the emperor’s confidant. Although the Taiwei is nominally in charge of the world’s soldiers and horses, the captain of the army guard is second.
But what does guard mean? It means surveillance. This position exists to check and balance the Taiwei, and the Central Guard Army has many forbidden troops in the capital under its jurisdiction. Usually on

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