he get?”


“There is only Dobu Zhengshen, the Lord of Arctic Purple Qi.”
Haotian gave it a very high evaluation, and then shook his head: “This person cannot be made a god, so he can be mentioned as a saint. Even if he is defeated, there are Tongtian and Nuwa behind him, and he has no chance to be with you and me.”
“If Your Majesty really loves talents, you can directly recruit them.”
“Oh, what did the Queen Mother say?”
“The number of days is unknown, and the throne of God has not yet been determined. Your Majesty can give you a decree and promise Yin Shou to be the Great Emperor of Zhongtian Ziwei North Pole.” The Golden Mother of Yaochi offered a plan.
“Yes, but not now.”
Haotian smiled slightly. The Human King was too arrogant and did not even give Zhunti face. It is conceivable that without the suppression of the Gods List, he would be a great master when he came to the Tiangong.
Wait a little longer, wait until Yuanshi Tianzun exerts his strength, and the human king has nowhere to go, so it will not be too late to issue an order to recruit him.
But, now you can show your attitude and invest in advance.
“It is said that Long Ji and Xuannv are here to listen to the order.”
In the starry sky and the universe, the Four-Phase Buddha fights against Zhunti Dharmakaya alone. Countless Buddhist magical powers are displayed one by one, giving Zhunti enlightenment and benefiting a lot.
The more he saw King Zhou of the Yin and Shang Dynasties, the happier he became, and he made up his mind to take him captive to the west to entertain him. As long as King Zhou was willing to condescend, he would establish a Buddhist kingdom in the west. From then on, he was both the king of the human world and the World Honored One in the West.
And those beauties who can’t let go, all of them will be given the fruits of Bodhisattva’s path.
As long as King Zhou nods, he will agree to any conditions.
/Thinking of this, he exerted force on his hand and struck out with the blessing pestle, beating the Four Phases Buddha to pieces.
“The Taoist has magical powers, and the poor Taoist has been taught.”
Taoist Zhunti took back his dharma body and stated the conditions of his promise one by one. When Lu Bei opened his mouth, he readily agreed even if he gave up his position as leader.
“In that case, I would like to ask fellow Taoist Zhunti to give it a try to see how good this formation is.”
Lu Bei narrowed his eyes slightly, and a roar of dragons and tigers spread out boundless golden light. Wherever the light passed, the stars in the sky responded. In the resonance of the stars, starlight portals opened one after another.
Boundless brilliance descends, and a large formation forms a world of its own.
“This array”
“Zhou Tian Xing Dou!!!”
The star portal is majestic and cold.
/The dazzling galaxy was extremely gorgeous and contained infinite murderous intent. Even the saint-level Taoist Zhunti felt uncertain and suddenly retreated.
People say that a saint is undefeated because he does not fight.
The sage does not fight, so no o

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