su looked at the gate and fell into deep thought without saying a word. After a moment, he suddenly realized it and said happily: “This thing is destined for me, so I should take it today for self-defense.”


After saying this, his big hand reached out and touched the gate of heaven and earth.
Divine thoughts flowed in unimpeded.
Taisu became more and more convinced that this big treasure had been waiting for him for a long time, and that it was returned to its original owner today, which can be said to be a complete success.
Just when he was carving the soul mark, three eyes came across thousands of people, and three completely different wills were deeply dissatisfied with Tai Su’s robbery of this thing.
Taisu’s soul sank into the gate of heaven and earth, and in the dark world, he sensed three waves of hostility.
It can’t be said to be hostility, repulsion, or reluctance to come near. Don’t come over.
This is unreasonable. I don’t even know you. What do you have to dislike?
/For a moment, there was a lot of excitement.
The will hidden in the darkness and light greased its feet and ran quickly;
The line of sight from above brings up a starry sky, burying itself;
The radiant light never conceals its own existence, and does not care about being the central focus at all. It can even be said that the master of the will cares very much about whether he is the only focus.
The two strong men collided and had a fierce fight. Taisu didn’t know why, so he walked into the auditorium and squatted with the other two wills.
“What’s your surname?”
“Where’s this one?”
“My name is Tai Su, Tai Su’s Tai, Tai Su’s Su.”
“Nice to meet you.” x2
Probably because they haven’t had guests for a long time, the two dead house wills were very friendly to Taisu, and they talked all over the place about how powerful they were in the past.
Tai Su felt endless yearning when he heard this, and at the same time he understood how dangerous the outside world was. If the two elder brothers were not bragging, it would be more appropriate for him to keep a low profile after going out with his strength.
“You came from the Great Wilderness, did you pick up any books, such as the Secret Records of the Wilderness’ Demons?”
“No, I just picked up a few copybooks.”
“The Book of Heaven is fine, it’s quite powerful.”
“Is there anything else? Did you poop on the tomb of the Emperor of Heaven?”
“Who is the Emperor of Heaven?”
“He is the Great Heavenly Lord, the worst, worst, worst, worst species under heaven!!”
“Who is the Great Heavenly Lord?”
“This is more complicated. I died early, so it’s not very clear. You can ask Zhu. He has a hard life and can’t even die.”
/“I don’t know, I’m not the real person, just a weapon spirit.”
In a series of wails, Taisu knew that the Gate of Heaven and Earth had an owner, four masters, and that the treasure had no connection with him. He could not take it away, nor could he bear the mark of the soul.
However, as a rising star of the Monster Clan, Taisu’s strength was acceptabl

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