ook the ancient shadow elixir!


Time passed by, and at this time, everyone realized that something was wrong. The white light had been wrapping the elixir, but the value had never been revealed.
Lu Zhengbin’s brows were furrowed, and the Feng Lei Zheng Dan Qi in his body was continuously input into the jade elixir appraisal array.
The consumption was a bit beyond his imagination
The head of the Ni family is the most nervous. No matter what the outcome of this pill is, as long as Lu Zhengbin says a few good words in front of all the major powers in the world, the rise of the Ni family will be an unstoppable fact.
However, if it fails
The consequences for the Ni family would be devastating.
“Come out!”
Just when he was most nervous, a number finally appeared on the inspection table.
“One, one, five, one hundred and fifteen!”
The crowd roared.
“Is this a high-level elixir? Only high-level elixirs that can only be used at the Tianlun level and above have a value of more than 100.”
There is actually no clear distinction between the so-called low-level elixirs. As long as the elixir can be taken in any realm and has no side effects, it can be said to be a low-level elixir.
Although the effectiveness of high-level elixirs is astonishing, they can only be used by a few strong people, at least at the Heavenly Wheel level. Many high-level elixirs can only be considered elixirs if they have reached the Chongshen level, and those below the Chongshen level , more poisonous than the poison of Yin Linghe.
Lu Zhengbin let out a long sigh at this time, and everyone’s hearts sank for Ni Yong. Did Ni Yong really accidentally refine the high-level elixir?
At this moment, Lu Zhengbin said: “What a Ni Yong, what a young alchemist in the Great Zhou Dynasty. I have been studying elixirs for decades, and this is the first time I have seen more than a hundred low-level elixirs. This elixir is indeed It’s a shadow pill, but its spiritual effect is worse than the ancient shadow pill.”
It’s really a low-level elixir. The low-level elixir can actually exceed 100 in Lu Zhengbin’s elixir identification technique!
/One hundred and fifteen, shocking the whole audience.
Ni Yong smiled, nodded and said: “Yes, because it is a new elixir, the elixir is so effective that it will fade away in only thirty breaths.”
Thirty breaths and three thousand six hundred breaths are half an hour. The time of thirty breaths is indeed too short. It is said that the ancient shadow pill can make you invisible for a quarter of an hour.
“Thirty breaths. For those who need Shadow Pill. It is enough.”
/At this time, some of the clan leaders who were proficient in assassination remained silent and quietly approached the head of the Ni family.
At this time, everyone’s eyes were focused on Ye Tong, the elder of the Danxian Alliance, and as for Zhou Qian. Sorry, everyone is really not interested in waiting for that rubbish pill.
Everyone wants to know what brand-new elixir Ye Tong, the elder of Dan Chuan, has refined.
“It’s my turn.” Ye Tong smi

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