a matter of credit points.


Without the approval of Director Bolivar, it would be a violation of discipline for David to use the institute’s equipment for private research, even if it produces results.
Coupled with the use of private credit point research, the ownership of the final results, etc. are all big troubles.
“Okay, you will submit the report tomorrow and I will approve it immediately!” Director Bolivar said and hung up his identity bracelet.
David’s hover car only stopped for a short while and then continued to move forward.
David did not report to Director Bolivar for nothing. He did this for a purpose. If someone finds out when those people disappeared, Director Bolivar can prove that he was on the phone with him at that time and was not involved at all. Anything else.
As for the research project, David hasn’t thought about it yet.
However, he did not give Director Bolivar a random guarantee, but he was really sure of it.
This time there was no further trouble, and David returned to the villa.
/The good things that Dean Constable left to David were not just material, but also some research results.
Dean Constable had a plan long ago, so he also made some research results in the next few years.
However, none of these research results have been announced to the outside world. They were all studied in private and secretly by Dean Constable.
The purpose is to use it when pretending to be Arthur, so that Arthur can improve his position in a short time and receive more attention.
This is actually Dean Constable’s lack of confidence in himself. Although he is confident that he can build his body into a super genius, he is still a super genius with the power of divine bones and blood.
But Dean Constable didn’t have much talent in cultivation before. Even though he was very strong in spirit, he couldn’t use it in cultivation, so he became a ‘research master’.
Therefore, Dean Constable also has various preparations for the future path, one of which is to study the First Path.
David looked at the dozens of research results flashing on the light screen and couldn’t help but admire Dean Constable’s research talent.
Even if David has the ability to ‘research the master’, research requires not only ability, but also imagination and vision.
During the days when Constable was the dean, he was able to see many project applications, including many good projects, but they were rejected due to various reasons.
Among them, he selected some very valuable projects for research.
The value of each research result is unimaginable if it is presented.
But David didn’t care about the value of these research results. What he needed was the Flagg Award and an opportunity to get close to President Louis.
With the current ability of Shadow Warrior, David is sure to kill President Louis as long as he can get within 100 meters of President Louis.
“Study on the impact of biomaterial alloys on krypton crystal engines!” David whispered softly.
It’s just that Dean Constable’s research is more in-depth than his research re

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