nd then there were layers of palm strikes. hit.


The powerful Iron Evil Yuan Magnetic Divine Light, following Zhu Peng’s palm strikes, poured into Xiao Feng’s body bit by bit.
“A great hero can be dead, a great hero can be dead”
Zhu Peng roared like this in his heart, his body swayed slightly in conjunction with the palm strikes, and finally he even struck out sixty-four palms with all his strength in an instant. The palms were heart-breaking and overbearing, but after sixty-four palms, Zhu Peng supported Xiao Feng with one hand. On the iron-pillar-like back, with the backlash of energy and palm force, he spit out a large mouthful of blood with a “wow” sound.
/“Hoo ho ho”
“Brother, this is unscientific. The people I hit were all injured like this, but you, the one who received the palm, didn’t even cough?”
Zhu Peng vomited blood while putting his arm on Xiao Feng’s shoulder amid the smoke. The Nine Nights Dragon Control technique that Xiao Feng exerted with all his strength was really terrifying, especially the dragon-shaped energy at the end that exploded with all its strength. One hundred and eighty hydrogen bombs were tied together and exploded. If this technique were used on Earth before 2012, the entire earth would be directly exploded.
The planet in Zulongzhou has deep spiritual energy, and the stability of the plane space is also quite amazing. The most important thing is that Murong Fu blocked the Xixia master and reduced its power after he was almost wiped out by that palm.
Otherwise, Zhu Peng estimated that the palm would directly create a black hole, and then Xiao Feng would flick his clothes into the hole and walk away, leaving no one behind but his entire group.
Fortunately, Murong Fu is Murong Fu after all, and Dou Chuan Xing Yi is indeed a unique skill in the world. Xiao Feng was unable to rebound the power of Xiao Feng’s last palm, but it also overflowed and dissipated most of the power. Otherwise, the entire scene would have been wiped out.
Of course, even if the whole audience was avoided, the actual situation was similar. Apart from Murong Fu, the master of Jindan, only Zhu Peng, who was hiding behind Xiao Feng, could still maintain his fighting power. Xiao Feng had never been able to The opportunity to turn around was before a group of masters from the Xixia First Grade Hall, but now it was Murong Fu who was competing with him in terms of cultivation. The two palms faced each other in the air, with dragon-shaped energy flowing between them.
Murong Fu finally caught Xiao Feng at his weakest moment, but unfortunately, he could not kill him in an instant. Now the two sides gradually became a tug of war. After a long period of fighting, Zhu Xi knew that no matter what kind of advantage Murong Fu had, he would not be able to kill him. Defeat is inevitable.
Some people in this world are just like ordinary people facing natural disasters, simply unable to contend. It is obvious that Xiao Feng is this type of strong person.
It’s like cheating on people.
/Of course, Zhu Peng did not gain nothing

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