y Ghost Heart Sect, which belongs to the Grade A Spirit Realm, has to deal with the real elite of the Zerg, the almost endless bombardment of those flying legions. Therefore, in this cruel and bloody massacre, most forces have no room or qualifications to show mercy to others.


Venerable Vajra who lowered the flying magic weapon “Spiriting Triangle” received a warm reception that he had not expected. He was already prepared for a cold reception. After all, a Buddhist cultivator came to the home of a group of demonic monks – it was simply Just like a dog entering a cat’s house, it is natural to be aggressive.
But he didn’t expect that his arrival would be misunderstood by the Seven Lie Ancestors as King Kong Venerable was looking for a retreat after the Snow Mountain Fortress was broken. In this era, as long as a master has high-level combat power, he will be defeated wherever he goes. welcome.
What’s more, the Qi Lie Patriarch specially ordered it, and one can imagine the enthusiasm of the disciples of Di Lie Gui Xin Sect. For a time, Vajra Venerable and a Buddhist cultivator felt at home and even “home” in the demon cultivator’s nest. The warmth, if it weren’t for the several large ring scars on the monk’s head, these disciples with excellent execution ability could really arrange seventeen or eight beautiful female nuns with graceful figures and charming faces for the monk in front of him.
Lord Vajra was too slow to react to what was going on, but the sword-wielding young man who followed him with a low eyebrow was not slow at all. Zhu Peng followed Lord Vajra while transmitting messages through his spiritual consciousness. Tell Vajra Venerable how to deal with various problems one by one, and try to maximize the meaning of “surrender” that seems to be absent.
A few days ago, after careful consideration, Zhu Peng finally decided to divide the entire elite blood force into two teams. He and Granny Gui would follow Lord Vajra and directly participate in the attack plan of the Seven Lie Ancestors, fishing in troubled waters. Waiting for the opportunity to act, the remaining cultivators, headed by Li Liehuo, prepared to suddenly attack at the final stage of the whole matter and act as the mantis oriole that cut the path. Such a decision will certainly reduce the overall strength of the team, but it will also maximize the possibility of obtaining benefits.
/As for why Zhu Peng chose Granny Gui instead of Raptor or Li Liehuo as his teammate, he was attracted by her ghostly and strange ways. This time when he entered the Treasure Cave, no one knew what he would encounter. have no idea. If it is an ordinary cultivator’s method, whether it is a front-on sword fight to kill someone or a formation maze, Zhu Peng will be afraid that even if he is not very good at it, he will not be weaker than others. He is afraid that there is something weird in the treasure gathering cave. If If there really is something that cannot be dealt with by ordinary methods, then the ghost mother-in-law’s methods may become the last thought.

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