Admittedly, this original intention was not ignored by Chu Weiyang, but suddenly someone refined and summarized it like this, suddenly teaching Chu Weiyang to see another realm included in this true path.


Return to true nature.
This is really an overly majestic concept. If we dig deeper, it may not be any worse than the metaphysical realm that Chu Weiyang is exploring now.
And perhaps deep cultivation in that field will bring about strange and strange changes in Taoism that are completely different from those brought about by exploring the metaphysical field.
Perhaps one day, after he has been promoted to the realm of golden elixir, and after he has matured his exploration of the metaphysical realm, he can follow Xiao Yuluo’s insight into the realm of return to truth and open up a new mysterious path.
In this flash of lightning, Xiao Yuluo had no idea that just a few words of emotion could make Chu Weiyang think so much.
/She just paused for a moment, and after seeing Chu Weiyang come to his senses, he shook his head slightly and rubbed Chu Weiyang’s slightly rough palm with her truly smooth skin.
When he opened his mouth, the fragrant floral scent suddenly became stronger.
“Good junior brother, it was you who helped me reopen the path of cultivation.”
Just these words, just such an action that people thought was insignificant, actually aroused Chu Weiyang’s anger.
So, when a long time passed and the two separated again, Xiao Yuluo was no longer standing behind Chu Weiyang, but was directly embraced by Chu Weiyang.
When the tacit understanding that seemed to have been acquainted for a long time, which had been brewing earlier because of the compatibility of the gods and the maintenance of ordinary moods, was finally transformed into a deep and intense emotion at this moment.
Chu Weiyang also completely lost the awe he had for the Great Elder of Baihualou and the Great Monk of the Golden Core Realm. The beautiful Baihua robe with aura flowing through it was indeed graceful, but the mysterious scenery under the robe attracted Chu Weiyang’s attention even more. Attention, the Taoist’s hands disappeared from the lapels of his clothes, and he measured, compared, and scrutinized the inheritance of Baihualou’s tradition unscrupulously.
After a long time, Chu Weiyang came to the conclusion that the inheritance of Baihualou’s tradition has never seen any decline. From generation to generation, there has never been a decline in talents and talents, regardless of the gap in cultivation level. Talking about it, it’s just that each has unique talents and characteristics within the same broad talent hierarchy.
At this time, even Xiao Yuluo, who was in the golden elixir realm, finally had mist in his eyes. He leaned on Chu Weiyang’s chest again, and when he raised his head, he was already biting his thin lips, bringing out some Trill.
“I asked my junior brother for two things just now, but he only agreed to one thing. There is no reason to just collect money and not do anything. So what should Song Qingxi say?”

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