imes they were killed, they would be resurrected due to the operation of the formation. The center of the formation’s eye was This is the true deity of Wen Bu Bei.


“Master nephew, hurry up and draw your sword!”
Unable to see Lu Bei’s sword intent, Wen Bubei was quite impatient. He turned his hand to suppress the power of heaven and earth, and bombarded Lu Bei with all the pressure of the world, exploding a large red mist with a bang.
Outside the formation, Meng Buwei, who was responsible for covering, was surrounded by dangers.
Meng Buwei had learned from the mistakes of Chu Buqing and Pang Buchu, and refused to fight Lu Bei. When he transformed into a god, he defeated Lianxu, but it was still a great success. Everything was weird, and fighting Lu Bei was definitely not a wise choice.
Zhan Hongqu and Bai Jin are different. Regardless of their unreasonable swordsmanship talent, the rest is still reasonable. He is one against two. With the advantage of being two hundred years older, he has enough magic power to steadily suppress the two of them. .
Then he was suppressed by the two of them. To the left, the Changchong Sword Intent that had been honed for many years was defeated by Bai Jinqing out of blue. To the right, the two Sword Intents in Cutting Hongqu merged, making it even less advantageous.
The left branch and the right branch are in a state of embarrassment.
/You fellow apprentices, why are you more powerful than the other? Why can’t you respect your uncle who is 300 years old?
Meng Buwei couldn’t figure it out. He was also a senior brother. Lin Yu in the sword formation was tyrannical and unreasonable. He fought three elders in a row, but he was so old that he was like a dog. It was difficult to beat two junior nephews.
It shouldn’t be, senior brother is not like this.
The sword roared loudly, and the three-foot sword swept across with great sword power.
Bai Jin held out a sword, pointed it directly at the weak point of the sword net, and destroyed Meng Buwei’s protective sword light with one blow. Zhan Hongqu followed closely, his domineering sword intent surged out angrily, and they collided in the air, swinging the long sword from Meng Buwei’s hand.
The swords of the two men cooperated tacitly, and the long swords in their hands were held out, and they instantly connected together, dazzling and floating, like a big net covering the sky, covering Meng Buwei in it for an instant.
In an instant, the sword energy surged around, and in the air, black and white light and shadow flickered, as if thousands of people were fighting at this moment.
The extremely powerful and terrifying sword curtain enveloped the whole body, pushing forward layer by layer with nowhere to hide. The protective sword energy was broken, and the power of heaven and earth that he relied on was also suppressed by the opponent. The long sword in Meng Buwei’s hand that was capable of both life and death no longer had any divine light. The dim sword intent was suppressed horribly.
The impact of the white sword sp

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