She wasted a precious day of my time. I won’t have a good look at her for a hundred years from now on.” Liu Changan was particularly willing to cooperate with An Nuan in her performance.


“It’s too exaggerated. It doesn’t look like anything at all.” An Nuan smiled and slowly approached Liu Changan, squeezed into his arms, raised her head and looked at him with shining eyes, “Let’s go back.”
Liu Changan and An Nuan took a taxi back to the hotel. When they got off the car, they saw some thin snow particles sprinkled on the surrounding leaves, roofs, and grass.
“We won’t be trapped in Lin’an by the snow, right?” An Nuan asked Liu Changan, not knowing whether he was worried or expecting.
“You are overthinking it. No matter how heavy the snow is in the south, it melts quickly. With a little sunshine and the weather warming up by one or two degrees, the snow is just enough for you to post a few WeChat Moments. It will be gone in a day or two.” Liu Changan It has been many years since we have seen snow-covered winter weather in the south. The last few years have been the ice disaster in the south in 2008.
“That would be great if we lived in the Northeast. We could raise a few huskies to pull our sleds.” An Nuan said with some longing.
“When we go to play in places with lots of ice and snow, I will pull you and run faster than the dog sled.” Liu Changan said confidently.
“I don’t want it. Boyfriends are not meant to do this kind of thing.” An Nuan imagined the scene of her boyfriend pulling a sled, smiled and leaned into his arms, then turned around and pulled Liu Changan towards him. He ran forward and bent down as if pulling him hard to sprint, “I am a beautiful sled dog.”
“The beautiful sled dog is not used to pull sleds.” Liu Changan said looking at her two pony tails.
“What is it used for?” An Nuan asked casually.
/“Disgusting!” An Nuan turned around, cursed, and pushed him away, “I won’t drag you away, I will run away by myself.”
As she said that, she quickly ran towards the room. Liu Changan looked at her cheerful appearance, feeling vaguely like Zhu Juntang. Fortunately, An Nuan was only like this occasionally, unlike Zhu Juntang who was in the wealthy family’s house. The young lady had completely strayed from her path and was running back and forth among the sheep.
When Liu Changan returned to the room, An Nuan was standing on the balcony of the bedroom watching the snow. Liu Changan sat on the sofa and looked at her back. The room had been cleaned, the bed had been made, and the sheets and quilts were neat and white.
Just like snow, it is always easy to think of red plums.
An Nuan turned around and saw that Liu Changan had entered the room and ran in. A gust of wind embraced her, cold and fresh. She closed the door and said with some expectation: “When we get up tomorrow, we can see the silver world. Already?”
“It’s almost the same.” Liu Changan looked outside the room, “If it keeps raining like this, it will be almost the same by night. If the snow stops overnight, tomorrow will be the be

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