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Liu Yuewang woke up in the morning and felt calmly hungry. He got dressed and went to the hotel restaurant for a walk. They still served Western-style meals.
Liu Yuewang lives a very exquisite life. At her age or most people think that every bit of Western-style lifestyle is exquisite, but her taste buds, her stomach, and the taste of food deep in her brain The pursuit made her give up Western-style meals.
There were not many types of Chinese food in the restaurant and the taste was not satisfactory. Liu Yuewang frowned and decided to go downstairs to eat Lanzhou beef noodles.
Liu Yuewang had just walked across the street when he saw Zhou Dongdong and Shangguan Dandan pushing an electric car. Last time Liu Yuewang was disturbed by An Nuan and Liu Changan and couldn’t sleep, so he came to the hotel to sleep. He also saw this scene when he went out in the morning, but At that time, Zhou Dongdong and Shangguan Dandan were standing at the door of a beef stewed radish shop, and they brought a big black dog with them.
The last time I saw Shangguan Dandan, her long hair hung down her back, as if she had cut a piece of dark night. The soft light was like the stars and moon shining in the dark night. Her neat bangs and meticulous and serious expression. As long as she didn’t speak, she looked elegant and elegant. The majestic temperament always reminds people of those goddesses and saints with special identities and mysterious powers.
Today she had a pair of ponytails, and there were two small airplane ornaments hanging on the hairband, which were exactly the same as the hairbands on Zhou Dongdong He Miao’s two stubbles of hair.
Liu Yuewang was a little happy. She deliberately observed and tested last night. Sure enough, when An Nuan and Liu Changan started talking about life ideals and poems in the study room to improve their spiritual civilization and develop their moral, intellectual, physical and physical abilities, Liu Yuewang felt a little restless and troubled. An, having no idea how to let herself fall asleep, simply ran to the hotel.
/Liu Yuewang chose the same hotel because the hotel front desk told her last time that the hotel was currently offering a very favorable points policy at the rack rate.
Unexpectedly, he met the lovely Zhou Dongdong and Shangguan Dandan again. Liu Yuewang walked over with her skirt in hand and greeted them from a distance: “Dongdong, Dandan.”
Shangguan Dandan is actually his equal, but does Liu Yuewang call Shangguan Dandan “Chang’an mother”? Of course that was inappropriate. Showing that he had seen through the truth was not what Professor Liu, who was well-versed in human nature, would do.
“Do you always go out for a walk in the morning?” Liu Yuewang walked up to them and asked.
“When brother Chang’an is not at home, we go out to find food by ourselves.” Zhou Dongdong is a little confused about this question. When brother Chang’an is not at home, the breakfast made by his mother always seems not as delicious as usual, only meat buns. The buns still taste t

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