reached the finish line first? After endless arguments, it was decided that there would be no winner.


“Fortunately, the country’s future lies with people like us.” Gao Dewei sighed.
/What Gao Dewei said is not wrong. People living in the natural world cannot escape from the laws of nature. At least until all human beings become conscious bodies, the individual differences are huge. This is the so-called pyramid structure, which leads the times and the country. It is always a small number of people who advance the development and progress of civilization. This does not mean that the underlying structure of the pyramid is unimportant, but it means that these people need to be led, mobilized, and effectively managed and controlled in order to push the whole forward.
There was once someone who was good at it.
In fact, Bai Hui and Miao Yingying are not as incompetent as Gao Dewei said. It can be said that there are still a lot of gangsters in major famous universities, but among the senior students in super prestigious high schools, there are really few who are unworthy of being promoted to higher schools. More to come later.
After Bai Hui and Miao Yingying came ashore, they walked around the lake in their original group, one on the left and the other on the right. They listened to Gao Dewei talk about various crops and local products. Liu Changan also asked Gao Dewei if he knew if there was a big snake cave nearby. Bai Hui and Miao Yingying were so frightened that Liu Changan wanted to catch the snake.
Liu Changan did not want to eat snakes entirely, but snakes are animals, especially old snakes with big holes. When they are entangled near the tomb, their holes often lead to the tomb, and sometimes they will get into the coffin or some of the things buried with them. Inside the equipment, carefully observe the traces of compacted soil at the mouth of their caves. Experienced people can even determine the age of the tombs connected to the snake caves, the types of burial objects, etc.
/Li Hongfang is a descendant of Li Daoren, and her idea was to have a legendary object like a living coffin, which she verified and discovered. She must have the ability to observe snake caves. If Liu Changan made a judgment first, he would be able to Just wait and see.
It’s a pity that Gao Dewei doesn’t know either.
After walking around for a while, Gao Dewei’s mother personally cooked for lunch. She fished out a large grass carp from the water tank. After raising it for a few days, the earthy smell had gone away. After slicing it, she stir-fried it and then boiled it. It was extremely tender. , the clean and thick feeling of spicy flavor entering the meat and fish soup is incomparable with braised and steamed dishes.
I went to the orchard in the afternoon. In June in southern Hunan, it is the time to pick bayberries, red crown peaches, ruby ??red peaches, watermelons, and blueberries. In addition to the orchard employees, Gaoyuanshan also hired some people to help. After picking them, they can be picked online. For sale, there are

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