hand and stared at the alpaca held by Zhu Juntang.


This is an extremely large alpaca, much larger than those usually seen on TV, in zoos, and pet markets.
The alpaca is brown, with a tuft of golden hair on its head. It seems to have been groomed, neat and elegant, and looks very presidential.
“Well, its name is Long Aotian. Stay away from it. Sometimes it will spit saliva on its own initiative if I don’t order it.” Zhu Juntang reminded.
An Nuan and Han Zhizhi quickly gave up the idea of ??petting the alpaca and stood on the other side of Zhujuntang. Even though few people knew how refreshing it was to be sprayed by an alpaca, even if it was clean and hygienic saliva, People want to be sprayed.
As early as ten years ago, the “spoof” culture was still in the ascendant on the Internet. Making complaints and making jokes was more deliberate, a bit like the current Hong Kong and Taiwan comedy films. Of course, many cultural products now use “humor” and “funny” as the starting point. , it still feels like this.
At that time, the alpaca became a well-known “grass mud horse”, and several other mythical beasts were also such products of Internet culture.
After the popularity of alpacas increased, there were vague news about people raising alpacas as pets. Now, although this kind of pet is not seen everywhere, it is not rare.
Speaking of alpacas, it is necessary to popularize the difference between alpacas and llamas. Alpacas belong to the order Artiodactylum, family Camelidae, family Alpaca, genus Alpaca, and are generally called small alpacas, while llamas are large alpacas. The camel is a species of the genus Alpaca of the family Camelidae of the order Artiodactylus.
It is very dangerous to think that alpacas are camels and llamas are sheep. After all, some studies have shown that those who are abducted by aliens must answer the insidious trap question of who is a camel and which is a sheep, alpaca or llama.
“It’s so cute. I want to take a photo with it.” An Nuan saw Long Aotian tilting his head, so he tilted his head to look at it, and imitated Long Aotian’s squinting expression.
An Nuan often finds it hard to resist such funny and cute things, such as her favorite funny pillow.
“It’s okay to take a photo, but don’t get too close and don’t touch it. It’ll be fine.” Zhu Juntang also squinted his eyes and raised the corners of his mouth slightly, “Don’t you think it looks like Liu Changan?”
/An Nuan laughed out loud. I really don’t know what Zhu Juntang was thinking. Her boyfriend is not a young hottie who relies on makeup, beauty, hairstyle and niche aesthetics. He is an absolute male god, especially Is it the temperament?
An Nuan took a closer look. After the alpaca turned its head to look at her, it made no other movements. The ends of the golden hair on its head trembled slightly in the morning breeze. The feeling of tranquility and the plain eyes stood still. stable temperament
“It feels a bit like Liu Changan, hahaha.” Han Zhizhi pushed An Nuan and laughed wildly.
/Zhu Juntang was very satisfied with thei

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