that people should do next.” Can do it.”


The straight nose fell to the side, the corners of the lips were cracked, the pacemaker’s delicate slap face was blurred with blood, and his beautiful eyes looked at Lu Bei in shock, stammering and unable to speak a word.
That’s not what being possessed is like!
This man was sane and not possessed by a demon at all.
buzz buzz
The sword was ringing around the fist, Lu Bei raised his hand, and the sword pillar reached the sky and went straight towards the full moon. The five elements and five phenomena rush towards each other, surrounded by five colors of brilliance, and the illusory small world resonates with it, turning into reality at a certain moment.
boom! ! !
The earth dragon turned over, and the aftermath swept away in all directions. In the ruins, pillars of dust rose into the sky, and there were shocking explosions and thunder.
/[You defeated the pacer and gained 70 million experience points. It was determined that the level difference between your opponent was greater than level 20, and you were rewarded with 70 million experience points]
The two qi of yin and yang intertwined, the small world returned to its original position, and the original position of the big pit was restored as before.
The pacer was lying naked on the ground. His collapsed facial features had completely healed themselves, and his limbs were twisting and clicking as they healed, slowly evolving into a human form.
Lu Bei squatted aside, picked up a branch, and poked at the sticky black liquid on the ground.
“So, is this thing considered a treasure?”
Based on his one-year training experience, it is difficult to determine the specific classification of the black liquid, but it is obvious that the strange liquid is not a natural treasure, but artificially processed and refined.
Especially the ability to automatically change Daxia’s ancient characters is like programmable liquid metal.
/Considering that this is the world of immortality, and the black liquid has the ability to block attacks for its master, the effect is by no means that simple.
At this time, there was a cry in the ear, and Black Liquid, as if receiving a summons, stretched out its tentacles, limbs, and squirmed towards the pacer.
Lu Bei threw down a branch with his hand, and with his sword attached to it, he easily pinned the black mass in place.
I don’t understand, but starting from today, this guy’s surname is Lu.
“Thank you for the gift of nature!”
The black and white chain sprang out, dragging the black liquid and sinking into the earth. The latter struggled hard, and was finally wrapped into a ball by the chain, and gradually became silent.
The pace master who woke up looked desperate and reached out to grab the black liquid. His body was seriously injured and it was difficult to move. His arms hung in the air for a while before falling to the ground.
“Great Elder, you’re awake!”
Lu Bei walked over rubbing his hands, looking down at a white area. It was not all white. For example, his hair and eyes were all

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