vive. The chance of escaping from a powerful madman will be greatly reduced.


“It doesn’t matter much, it’s just silence.” The Zombie King looked at his chainsaw with satisfaction, oh, the chain saw of the Zombie Queen Mother.
She has always been trying to take his things as her own. Should she try taking her chain saw as her own?
At present, this chain saw has not received the prefix label of her “beloved XX”. Forget it, this thing is still too violent and does not match her elegant and easy-going style.
“I won’t say a word about what happened tonight.” Hu Gao said with difficulty, “You killed them and left me. You must not have thought it would be more fun to kill me last.”
Hu Jie was a little depressed. The real source of fear for him was the gods in the coffin. Although the zombie king in front of him was mysterious, he did not show irresistible strength. The sprinting posture just now was not so much a display of strength. He said he was being cool.
But his life is indeed in the hands of the Zombie King. The protoss in the coffin seems to be just playing along with the Zombie King. In fact, she has no interest in what is happening now.
“Let me tell you something. I know a child. At that time, she was just over two years old, less than three years old. She was sitting under a tree and gnawing on a mustard bun. The bun seemed to have fallen to the ground, with some bits on it. Ash, ice cold, she is a child and doesn’t know how to be hygienic, so she will eat whatever is available.”
“I made her a bowl of small instant noodles and fried two eggs in it. She seemed to like eating this kind of instant noodles, and it was delicious. After a while, she finished eating and staggered away with the noodle cup. Come to me and give me the bowl, and I see there is an egg left in it.”
“I asked her, can’t you finish eating? She shook her head. She had a late onset of intelligence, malnutrition, and some developmental problems caused by mother’s malnutrition during pregnancy. At this time, she was not good at expressing herself in words. Most of them shook their heads and nodded. I asked her again, was it left for me to eat? She nodded vigorously and stammered: Good time, good time.”
The Zombie King smiled slightly, pointed at the coffin behind him and said, “Sometimes you leave it until the end, not whether it’s fun or not, but to leave you for others to eat.”
/Hu Jie couldn’t help but feel horrified. It was a heart-warming story at the beginning, but the final conclusion had a sudden change. Hu Jie thought of the tragic situation where the eight people turned into bones just now, and he no longer dared to rely on himself to understand the other party’s mentality.
“I knew you were a smart fox. Are you from Qingqiu or Tushan?” the zombie king asked calmly.
“Qingqiu.” Hu Jie answered immediately, but this answer was just what he hoped for.
/Until now, the memory of many protoss is fragmented. Some remember it very clearly, and some have completely forgotten it. After waking up, there are basically no protoss whose mem

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