tries are planning a beautiful picture. If the demon clan comes one day, prepare in advance and submit to the favor of the second-generation demon emperor. Maybe there will be good consequences for the continuation of the royal family.


The big human nations like Jing Yue have become soft, so why would Wu Zhou be an exception?
A good woman cannot make a meal without rice, and the royal family has been in a miserable state recently. As a small country, it is not difficult to gather a hundred beauties. If the number is enough, they can form a group to conquer the Tianjian Sect.
/A high-level female cultivator that might satisfy the Demon Emperor can only be purchased by a large human nation with a big family and a big business.
“Bah, a bunch of insects, how did your old Zhu family get rid of such things?”
Lu Bei retorted angrily, which made Zhu Qilan unable to refute, and sighed: “Once everything is raised to the survival of the country, they can do anything shameless. I really can’t blame them this time. The national power of the Ten Thousand Monsters Kingdom is too terrifying ”
It is indeed terrifying. Three hundred and sixty-five Mahayana demon kings gathered in the Demon Imperial City. I heard that they are still working on some earth-shattering formation. If the second generation demon emperor has no idea about the human race, the monarchs of the human race will laugh to death.
They dared to swear on the heads on their heads that the second generation Demon Emperor must have bad intentions.
In terms of the influence of the second-generation Demon Emperor in the human race, he is definitely a peerless ferocious demon that can stop children from crying. Fortunately, he is not perfect and has an obvious reason.
“The second-generation demon emperor is obsessed with sex, and has recruited countless beautiful demon girls into the harem. They can only say that they are prepared for any danger. Regardless of whether they can be put to use, at least it can be regarded as a trump card.”
Zhu Qilan frowned. As the eldest princess, she was very concerned about Wu Zhou’s internal and external political situation and analyzed the situation of chaos in the world.
The result was very bad. Once the Ten Thousand Monster Kingdom sent troops, Wu Zhou, a pebble, would only be run over by the wheels of history, and not even a speck of dust would be raised.
The second-generation Immortal Sword Master is very powerful, and Zhu Qilan has never underestimated his own man, but the pretty boy is just a child after all. He has only been practicing for a few years. Facing this huge monster from the Ten Thousand Demon Kingdom, he can’t beat four hands with just one fist. The best result is not to bully young people into poverty.
Hearing what Zhu Qilan said, Lu Bei realized how terrifying Hun Jun was, and how cold and proud he was.
Wu Zhou is in such chaos, isn’t Xuanlong, who is above the twenty-three kingdoms in the north, going crazy?
Well, after serving my cousin, I quickly went to the diplomatic residence and gave Baimao some r

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