. Should he? Have so many concerns?


He laughed heartily, his chest filled with heroic spirit, and he mobilized his swordsmanship with all his strength to stab Chaos Niwan!
The sword hit the chaotic mud pill right in the middle. When the sword entered the pill, resistance was suddenly felt. However, the sword energy surged. When it was strong, it became stronger, and when it encountered resistance, it opened. A rainbow sword energy penetrated the chaotic mud pill with one sword!
Suddenly the sea of ??chaos changed, and the sword energy poured into the sea along with a cave sky, stirring the chaos energy, and majestic life force surged out from the cave sky and flowed to Xu Ying’s limbs and bones.
Xu Ying suddenly felt as if there were streams of icy air flowing through his body. It was the activity of his physical body, stimulated by him!
The secret of Niwan was opened by him!
/Xu Ying laughed heartily and happily.
In the distance, several old cows were grazing in the field. When they were tired, they lay down crookedly, wagging their tails and chewing the cud, and leisurely looking at the mingling An Qi and the big bell.
“Broken Bell, you sneak attack on me, is this something that a serious clock can do?”
“I told you I was careless!”
“You stole my energy and blood, don’t think I didn’t notice it!”
“I haven’t stolen your blood yet, and you’re slandering me! I’ll beat you to death, you stinky snake!”
“Spare your life!”
Strange to say, after the cave was opened, Xu Ying felt that the cave was like his limbs, with various sensations, and even like an arm, he could use his fingers to move the cave.
“If we let other people help us open the Niwan Secret Treasure, I’m afraid we won’t be able to control the cave as flexibly as we do now!”
Xu Ying was a little lucky. If he let Da Zhong help, his cave would probably be out of his control.
Suddenly, he thought of something and thought to himself: “The ancient book in the stone room of Niwan Palace said that you must let others help you open the secret. If you let others help, doesn’t it mean that your Niwan Cave will be opened by others?” master?”
He thought about it, and he always felt that something was wrong.
“However, it is reasonable for Master Nuo to ask other people to help open the secret treasure. Because Master Nuo is an ordinary person before opening the secret treasure. Naturally, he cannot open the secret treasure independently like me. He must have other experts to help.”
/Xu Ying saw An Qi being beaten all over by the big bell and swimming to Qinyan Cave to borrow the mysterious energy in the cave to heal his wounds. Suddenly a thought flashed through his mind and he couldn’t help being stunned. He stood there without moving for a long time.
“Yeah yeah!”
He suddenly lost his voice and said, “I pursued the energy of Qinyan Cave, searched for the location of the dragon, and found my secret treasure of Niwan. This shows that the mysterious energy of Qinyan Cave only stimulates the activity of my secret treasure of Niwan. But, what is the mysterious

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re was any further hesitation, no one would be able to leave.

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