obtained this time separately, and hundreds of thousands of knowledge light balls appeared in front of him.


David looked at these knowledge light balls, most of which contained various knowledge about agriculture.
He smiled bitterly. This was the knowledge light ball provided by farmers who mastered agricultural knowledge on the agricultural planet Lumbu. This knowledge had no effect on him.
David wants to grow crops. In his memory and in the research equipment brought from the Interstellar Federation in his space pendant, there are countless scientific planting methods. These methods are inferior to the agricultural knowledge of the great world of God. Countless times more advanced.
/“Hide all the light balls of knowledge related to agriculture!” David ordered in his heart.
Hundreds of thousands of knowledge light balls disappeared instantly, and not a single knowledge light ball remained. David stared blankly at the empty area. The God of Plague, Gladstone, and ninety-two level five stone men were connected together. Not a single ball of knowledge light was left to him.
The ninety-two level 5 stone men are just level 5 puppets forcibly created by the God of Plague, Gladstone, with the power of faith and divinity. They do not even have the origin of level 5 souls. The souls are all pieced together and condensed. Where can there be anything? Some of the knowledge light balls are also those that piece together the soul itself.
As for the God of Plague, Gladstone, even the true spirit was shattered, and everything belonging to the God of Plague, Gladstone, ceased to exist. It is impossible for the God of War to allow the God of Plague, Gladstone, to remain. What to do.
Perhaps if David gets the divine body of Plague God Gladstone, he will get more divinity in the divine body, as well as other divine objects. Unfortunately, the divine body of Plague God Gladstone cannot even get access to the temple. , belongs only to the five great gods.
The Shadow Warrior was able to absorb the true spirit fragments, and it was lucky that the God of War did not pay attention.
Although he was a little disappointed, David soon understood that he was really greedy. The harvest this time was greater than he imagined. The ninety-two divinities alone were enough to reward him for this adventure.
He stood up and came to the genetic repair cabin. The face of ‘Lord Ferdinand’ had been changed into the designed face, and the genetic repair fluid was being sucked out.
As long as David does not pay attention, the soul of ‘Lord Ferdinand’, that is, David’s soul clone, can judge and think independently. But as long as David pays attention, ‘Lord Ferdinand’ is one of David’s souls. Doppelg?nger.
‘Lord Ferdinand’ walked out of the genetic repair cabin, his body shook slightly, and the remaining genetic repair fluid on his body was bounced away.
Then ‘Lord Ferdinand’ took a set of noble robes from the space ring and put on them. With the domineering face specially designed by David, he really looked like a fifth-level strong man.
“I sho

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