u Weiyang could not understand Guanshi Ma’s awe for the golden elixir monk. Later, Chu Weiyang gradually understood his awe for this realm.


But now, Chu Weiyang still can’t fully understand the emotion and regret in Chun Yuzhi’s words. After all, there is still a far-fetched realm between them, and Chun Yuzhi has already refined several elixirs. If he ignores the leap in realm, Due to the natural bottleneck in the world, for Chun Yuzhi, there are only a few steps left to achieve the golden elixir.
/Stopping in such a realm to watch the golden elixir monk, and peering into the years, you may have a completely different meaning and state of mind.
But in the end, Chu Weiyang was still in this sentimental mood, as if he reached out his hand with a blessed soul, gently waving the broken bones in the corner that were almost completely petrified.
After a few more crisp cracking sounds, Chu Weiyang held a “stone flake” and brought it close to his eyes.
Looking carefully, it should be a pendant carved from spiritual jade. Even though the endless spiritual light has faded over the years and the once smooth surface is full of mottled marks, Chu Weiyang can still distinguish the corners of the jade pendant. The cloud patterns and talismans were once carved, as well as the word “Thank you” carved on the yin and yang sides with dragon patterns and phoenix seals in the center.
Thanks family.
The ancestors of the Xie family wrote the “Yun Ji Jing”, which provides guidance for Xie Kui’s enlightenment in the illusion.
/Thinking of this, he carefully placed the jade pendant in his palm. As if he thought of something, Chu Weiyang stretched out his hand and rummaged through the bone fragments.
as expected.
When Chu Weiyang raised his hand again.
A palm-sized bronze fragment appeared in front of Chu Weiyang.
There were no mottled marks on it, but it was covered with copper rust, as if Chu Weiyang’s fingers could scrape off that layer of rust with gentle force.
However, this feeling was just an illusion. Chu Weiyang could truly feel the tough touch conveyed by the bronze fragments.
And the familiar light lines on it also showed Chu Weiyang that the root of the fragment itself was the large bronze vat.
No one knows how the golden elixir monk’s natal magic weapon was broken into pieces like this. Chu Weiyang can’t tell whether it is because of the collapse of the illusion or because he has gained insight into the “Yun Ji Sutra” for the sake of.
In short, this bronze fragment still possesses the tenacity of the relics, but Chu Weiyang can no longer sense the aftertaste of the Taoist fruit belonging to the great monk from it.
He sighed in a very complicated manner.
He couldn’t even guess which member of the Xie family the corpse that fell in the corner belonged to.
After all, many scenes in the illusion are reflected in people’s minds. It is difficult to say whether they are true or false. Perhaps they are the ancestors of the Xie family, perhaps Xie Kui, perhaps Taoist Xing from Qingding Peak, or perhaps He is an unnamed juni

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