d he whispered, “Emperor Yin Ting, you may not be a real ghost immortal. If you become an immortal as a Qi Refiner, even if you become a Ghost Immortal, you are also proficient in the Qi Refiner’s system of techniques. There would be no need to compete for the promise.”


Xu Ying’s greatest use is to decipher the Qi Refiner’s exercises, which are the demon clan’s exercises in the eyes of the world, and restore the Qi Refiner’s exercise system.
If the Emperor of Yinting really knew the Qi Practitioner’s techniques and system well, then there would be no need to order Tongpan and the City God to search for Xu Ying.
/“The key to this ascension must fall on Xu Ying.”
Zhou Qiyun stepped towards the direction where the big bell flew, and said silently in his heart, “I hope he can sort out the Qi Refiner’s training system and let me integrate Qi Refining and Nuo! Only in this way can I be sure to overcome the tribulation and ascend!”
Underworld, willow forest.
A huge bell fell to the ground and moved forward bit by bit, causing the willow tree to stagger. Behind the bell is a big snake with dragon-like horns. From time to time it raises its head from the willow forest and looks around.
The fog became thicker and thicker. Gradually, Xu Ying, Yuan Weiyang and Xiao Bo were submerged in the fog. Jian Qi could only follow the big clock forward, but could not see anyone. He couldn’t help but panic in his heart and called out: ” Ah Ying!”
Echoes suddenly came from the willow forest: “A Ying!” “A Ying!” “A Ying!”
Then came the laughter of the ghost dolls. Anhui Qi’s hair stood on end and he hurriedly swam forward two steps closer to the big clock. At this time, Xu Ying’s voice of agreement came from in front of the clock, which was a bit dull through the fog.
An Qi was a little relieved.
He looked up at the sky and suddenly said in surprise: “Ah Ying, look, the sun has risen!”
In the mist, Xu Ying’s dull voice came: “It’s late at night, where is the sun?”
He jumped around in the mist, exposed his head, looked up, and sure enough he saw a sun hanging in the sky of the underworld.
But now it is clearly the night of the underworld, how can the sun rise?
And this sun doesn’t look very serious at first glance. The regular sun shines brightly, emitting infinite heat and light, but this sun is filled with paper money, and it is burnt paper money.
/These paper money seem to be used to pay homage to ancestors. At some point, the air was filled with the smell of incense and burnt paper.
Under the sun, a group of jackdaws flew by, croaking and croaking, as if the movement of their wings was so great that it actually stirred up a lot of paper money and ashes in the sun.
Yuan Weiyang also jumped up with all his strength, emerged from the mist, and exclaimed: “Is there really a sun? What kind of world is this?”
“Young master, calm down. Do you remember what the mistress told you? The Taishan collapsed in front of you without being visible.”
Uncle Xiao’s voice came from the mist. After saying that, the old man jumped out of the

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