there would be so many onlookers from students who had nothing to do but go to the library to study.


“Sister, what’s going on between you and the third wife?” Qin Zisi was also a little surprised to meet the third wife of the Zhu family on the campus of Hunan University.
Being in the special department, Qin Zisi has a deeper understanding of the third wife, and is particularly concerned about some of the third wife’s movements at Hunan University.
As one of the two universities in southern Hunan that has been sanctioned by the U.S., Shonan University has its own strength. It is precisely because of the sanctions that more people in the country have learned that its reputation is far inferior to that of some preparatory schools and colonial schools in the United States. The colleges and universities in the National People’s Congress camp are quietly doing something, taking on something, and contributing something.
The third wife had a special status. She began to pay attention to Hunan University in the last century, and increased her cooperation with Hunan University year by year. For what purpose, Qin Zisi did not know.
In short, judging from the current situation, the third wife is someone who can cooperate and strive for, and maintains a friendly exchange situation with the mainland. In particular, she has mastered the human body biomodification technology and is conducting in-depth cooperation with Qin Zisi’s department. Qin Zisi came Shonan also has a task to contact the third wife.
A holiday? The festival is such a big one. If it weren’t for an unexpected coincidence, Qin Yanan’s face would show a faint blush. If it weren’t for an unexpected coincidence, no one knows where the fate of Ye Sijin, Qin Peng and others would have gone. As for whether there is Qin Zisi among the descendants. The number of future generations of the Qin family is even more unknown.
/Of course, this cannot be said. Qin Yanan just stared at the Hongqi L5 in front of her, “It’s nothing special. This is not the Shilin official residence of her Zhu family. The campus of Xiang University is not a place for her to show off. She drives a Hongqi L5 with two small national flags on it, and then the whole thing Convoy, where is this pretending leader?”
That makes sense, but your best friend Zhu Juntang goes to school here and makes this statement every day, and I haven’t seen you resent it, right? Qin Zisi looked at Qin Yanan suspiciously. She remembered that because of Zhu Juntang, Qin Yanan and the third wife of the Zhu family had a good relationship.
Did something happen after Qin Yanan came to Junsha?
With the reputation and status of the Qin family and the Zhu family in their respective territories, it is very important to handle the relationship between the two parties well.
The current tone of the two families is to use the only remaining old head of the family as the link to rebuild the relationship. The younger generation will socialize more and provide support for each other’s reasonable demands in influential fields in

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re was any further hesitation, no one would be able to leave.

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