ademy is no longer as good as before, not as good as the Bian’an Academy in the Longting Imperial Capital. There are even strong men from the other side who occasionally come to teach the unique skills of the other side in person.


The dragon girl was filled with indignation when she saw each of her fellow apprentices flying outwards. She seemed to be very angry and didn’t know what happened, so she also flew out after them.
When she arrived outside Qianyuan Cave, there was a roar of people outside, filling the sky with thousands of dragon immortals forming a large circle and rushing in the same direction.
The dragon girl looked around and saw that what they were rushing towards was a majestic soul that was like an immortal aura.
/The form of the soul is somewhat similar to that of a foreigner, but it is different. And at the feet of this soul is a young man who looks a bit like a stranger, but is much shorter and has a much more delicate appearance.
In recent years, many of the younger generation of the dragon tribe regard the beauty of the aliens on the other side as their beauty. When many people transform, they do not transform into dragon-headed bodies, but into alien forms, with similar clothes and even makeup. Stranger. There are many such dragons in Qianyuan Academy.
However, the dragon woman could tell that this delicate-looking young man was by no means a transformed dragon, nor was he a stranger. Instead, he was somewhat similar to the human slaves who ascended from the lower world some time ago.
“Is he a barbarian from the Earthly Immortal Realm?”
Just when she thought of this, suddenly a dragon immortal was in a hurry, unable to control his body, falling from the sky like raindrops, and fell to the ground!
Some brothers and sisters from Qianyuan Academy also rushed over, intending to kill the guy who called himself Barbarian Xu Ying.
These brothers were stronger in cultivation and could reach farther. However, as soon as they came to Xu Ying’s side, they were attacked by the other party’s soul.
These arrogant senior brothers and sisters in the past were all seriously injured and fell to the ground by the Yuan Shen almost one by one!
The dragon girl was startled when she saw that the human barbarian was surrounded by disciples from the Qianyuan Academy!
“Cang Jue meets Princess Mingman.” A voice came.
The dragon girl turned around and saw an old man in green robe walking out of another cave. It was Cang Jue, the elder who guarded Longhua City.
At this time, other elders were also alerted and walked out of the retreat one after another.
Dragon tribe girl Ming Man saw the ceremony and said: “Ming Man has met Elder Cang Jue, Elder Qing Qiufeng and Elder Yu Lingcai.”
/When the three elders walked out of the cave, they saw the astonishing cave hanging behind their heads, with a long Taoist rhyme and an astonishing momentum. There are four elders in Longhua, and Long Dai is one of them. However, Long Dai went to the immortal world and has not returned yet. There are still three elders left here, Y

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dge, but Ming Ren found the flaw as soon as he came up. The seemingly simple attack cut off his escape route just right. Ming Ren’s sword moves were very meticulous, and he didn’t seek to win with one blow, but constantly The ground was approaching his critical point, which happened to be Wang Meng’s limit at this time.

The Poisonous Lotus’s three consecutive curses of locking the heart and breaking the pulse fell on Wang Meng, which completely caused him to experience severe pain and out of control, cutting off Wang Meng’s possibility of using other spells. It was only then that Mingcai opened the way with his sword energy and yelled loudly: […]


fortunately, even if he took the first step, the power of his swordsmanship was not at the same level!

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