The most exaggerated thing is that in the Mahayana period, there is no passage for ascension, so these immortals and demons who should have gone to the upper world are forced to stay in the human world. Factors such as skills, qualifications, understanding, and bloodline determine the watershed for monks in the Mahayana period.
Sometimes, the gap between the Mahayana period and the Mahayana period is bigger than that between people and Lu Luxi. It is not an exaggeration to say that the difference is that of clouds and mud.
Lu Bei is not in the Mahayana stage. He has grabbed the position of Tombkeeper Xuanwu with his combat power full of bugs. The Mahayana stage at the level of four elephants is comparable to a dimensionality reduction attack on the other Mahayana stages.
/It can be said that, except for the heads of the Eight Kings and Nobles, the rest of the demon clan’s Mahayana period will be in vain.
If they were cautious and used the whole clan’s strength to arrange the star formation, it would be even worse, and the clan leader would also have to pay for nothing.
Lu Bei took care of the Mahayana period of two Gu carving clans, just like playing. With just one magical power, the Golden-winged Dapeng could suppress the Gu carvings. In just one cup of tea, he made a small profit of 3.5 billion. He reluctantly moistened his throat.
The reason why I bought a cup of tea was because one of the Gu Diao and Kong Ji were old acquaintances, and they had invited Kong Ji to dinner before.
For the sake of familiarity, Lu Bei gave him a chance to speak politely.
The King of Gu Diao, Gu Yue, was badly cheated. His alliance with Liu Cong failed and he was unable to challenge the position of the next Demon King. He angrily demanded an explanation from Kong Ji. If he didn’t give it, he would take back the Peacock City, leaving the Peacock clan with no foothold in the Ten Thousand Demon Kingdom. place.
“Hmph, Gu Chao is so brave. Who the hell is he? He dares to talk to me like this.”
Lu Bei slapped the bird opposite him in the face, hitting the two Gu Diao with stars in their eyes: “Tell Gu Chao that I only played with him before and never really regarded him as my elder brother. He wants to take back Peacock City and directly Just take it back, if I frown, I am not a leader.”
After saying that, one bird kicked away the two Gu Eagles.
There are too many captives for the Honghu clan’s underground palace to hold. If there is a spare room, the lamias from the Xiangliu clan should be considered first.
The two Gu eagles felt like they were being pardoned. They really thought that Kong Ji let them go because of their old relationship. When they left, they looked moved and said thank you.
Lu Bei accepted it calmly and made up for it. Just like that, the two Gu Eagles were still full of gratitude!
Lu Bei pressed the cloud button, and was greeted by big and small demons. He himself refused because he was too strong.
It’s boring. Compared with the snake demons of the Xiangliu clan, the Honghu clan is seriously lacking i

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