ront of Xu Ying. When the palm seal fell, the heavenly light overflowed, forming a complete scene of the Celestial Realm. The power of the seal suddenly increased a hundred times!


His Immortal Seal is more perfect than that of the founder Xu Ying. The scope of the seal’s influence is a hundred times larger than that of Xu Ying’s seal, and its influence is more lasting!
The figure in the mist stood back up, with the air of a great master who was the only one in the world, and proudly said: “Junior, how do you do?”
/Xu Ying was in awe, smiled openly, and said sincerely: “Brother Dao is much better than me in the attainments of heaven. I admire him.”
Hearing this, the figure in the mist became murderous again, glanced at Ming Man again, the murderous intention gradually dissipated, turned around and walked forward, saying calmly: “Come with me.”
/Xu Ying quickly followed him and walked into the mist.
Ming Man woke up at this time, slipped down from his martial arts cave, leaned in Xu Ying’s ear, sighed angrily, and whispered: “Little Master Barbarian, I saw him in my father’s study. He was taken by me Dad hung it on the wall.”
Xu Ying was surprised. Have you met someone of your own?
“He seems to be my grandfather!” Princess Mingman said.
“I’m not your grandfather!”
The voice of the dragon clan old man came from the mist ahead, snorted and said, “Lingzu is such a powerful and majestic being, how can I be him? How can I deserve to be him? I am just guarding the tomb of Longting. Just a bad old man.”
Ming Man smiled and said: “My father said that my grandfather has died a long time ago. My grandfather’s portrait is still hanging on the wall. Of course you can’t be him. And there is one thing you said wrong. Longting is still there, and Not dead!”
The old man from the Dragon Clan spoke fiercely: “The Dragon Court was destroyed ten million years ago, and the Dragon Clan has also perished long ago! The current Dragon Clan is not a Dragon Clan at all, it’s just a stranger who looks like the Dragon Clan! The current Dragon Clan is also a foreigner. A bunch of livestock!”
“You are the beast!”
Ming Man got angry and said, “Your whole family is just cattle!”
Xu Ying was shocked. Has this girl always been so brave?
How did she survive before meeting herself?
In such a dangerous place as the Celestial Realm, even Xu Ying needs to be careful to avoid being killed. This girl is so bold that even this mysterious master dares to scold her.
Fortunately, the old dragon man seemed to have something wrong with his mind, so he didn’t get angry because of it. Instead, he cried loudly and cried: “Yes, I am incompetent, I am an animal, it is wrong, I am not even as good as an animal!”
For such a powerful being like him, even Xu Ying couldn’t see his depth. He cried whenever he wanted, just like a child.
Seeing that he was crying miserably, Ming Man couldn’t bear it and advised: “I just sounded a little harsh. Why are you crying? Can I make amends to you? Just stop crying. I’m an animal. My whole family is an animal, okay?”

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