, and looking for it in the secret storehouse. .


Zhong Qing and Zhong Cheng, two siblings, got together early in the morning. They both showed strange looks. They whispered and communicated with each other. At night, they were actually dreamed by Zhong Yong!
Lao Zhong told them to take him with them and run away immediately!
“Taichu plan to evacuate Xinxing?” The two looked at each other and exchanged what they had learned in their dreams.
There is no doubt that Lao Zhong woke up and revived in the cicada shell, but he was pretending to be dead!
“I guess my great-grandfather was frightened to death by the current situation at home, right?”
Neither of them knew what to say. Lao Zhong cherished his life the most, but found that he had unintentionally dug so many big black holes, all of which were left at home.
“Stop talking, there is going to be a king explosion. Listen to Grandpa, prepare quickly and evacuate Xinxing in the near future. If nothing else, when it comes to preserving life and longevity, no one is better than him!”
“Before we leave, invite Wang Xuan over and ask him privately if he wants to go with us. Let’s show him all the scriptures.”
/“He has been thinking about it for a long time. Every time he comes here, he looks like a red-eyed rabbit, staring in the direction of Grandpa’s study. If there was no pool of rebirth, he would have been out of his body and come here to steal the books!”
It has to be said that the two siblings know Wang Xuan quite well.
In the next two days, Wang Xuan was not idle. He made various preparations and arrangements, forged his identity, put a human skin mask on his face, etc. He wanted to return to his old land!
He felt uneasy. It was like the end of the world in Xinxing recently. It was raining heavily everywhere and there were bloody lightning everywhere. Even his scalp felt numb when he looked at it. He didn’t know how many gods would come this time.
He really felt guilty and was not ready to go to war with the immortals yet!
There is no need to think about it. If the people from Huang Kun’s camp last time and the followers of the red-dressed demon fairy really wanted to come in large numbers, they would hunt him directly.
Therefore, he has to prepare for the king to explode, go to the old land, ask for the real bones of the Sword Fairy, and bring her back!
We definitely can’t wait until three years later. The scene is changing every day, and the curtain might go out at some point.
As long as he brings the Sword Fairy back and keeps her moral integrity intact, it should be difficult for her to have an opponent in this world, because the immortals from other camps are not complete!
Everything was ready. He was going to quietly set foot on the old land and prepare for the bombing. Maybe he would be able to block the red-dressed demon fairy there as well.
When the time comes to use the book, you will never regret having too little; when the time comes to use the money, you will never regret having too much. Wang Xuan suddenly discovered that his account was

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