lved, being detained at the bottom of the pool in full view of everyone really made her feel even more tortured.


“Calm down, you have to think on the bright side. Your body is transforming at the bottom of the pool, and the new you will be stronger!” Zhou Qinghuang comforted him while adjusting the glasses on the bridge of his snow-white nose.
“Zhou Qinghuang, if you say this again, I will fall out with you!” Gu Mingxi was now anxious and angry, and said, “How about you give me your body and we can replace it?”
“Okay, no problem.” Zhou Qinghuang nodded with a smile.
Gu Mingxi suddenly became extremely vigilant and said, “You witch, are you trying to do whatever you want? It’s not your body anyway!”
“Where are you thinking? I think I know him well and can negotiate.”
From another direction, the Blood God Ape sent a message to the demon behind him, saying: “Which of you is good at Earth Escape?”
/Recently, he has been hanging out with a group of demons. Relying on the many scriptures he got from Lao Zhong’s study, he found a top-secret spiritual method and changed his appearance, making himself extremely demonic.
Now he ran here again, mainly because he told Wang Xuan that there was good fortune here and he could break through. He was afraid that Wang Xuan would knock him down if he broke through.
“Do you have the courage to enter the blood pool and kill that Wang Xuan?” the Blood God Ape asked.
“Yes, I am willing to share the worries of the Holy Son!” Chen Yongjie said forcefully, beating his chest loudly.
Nearby, some demons are slandering you. Are you really good at flattering me? You call the demon saint’s illegitimate son a holy son?
The Blood God Ape gave him a piece of bright red talisman and said: “Once you get into the blood pool, just throw it at him. It will be worth my full blow!”
Finally, he added: “Well, if you come back alive, I will accept you as a confidant. There are too few people available now.”
Chen Yongjie immediately expressed his loyalty, then disappeared from the place and disappeared into the ground.
/The Blood God Ape’s expression was cold. He was just a cannon fodder. He was allowed to try his luck. Success was good, but failure was nothing.
As for himself, using earth escape to kill a seventh-level human being, he really couldn’t afford to disgrace that person. He was very proud of himself.
Chen Yongjie swished through the ground. He was now at the peak of the sixth level, just shy of entering the seventh level realm. He could kill the ninth level creatures, and he was considered a strong man in this world.
Chen Yongjie secretly sent a message and told the reason, and then said: “Will you be shocked this time? I will wait here and won’t leave.”
“I broke the level once not long ago, but there was no shock.” Wang Xuan informed the situation.
“Are you in seventh degree?” Lao Chen was speechless. He thought he had caught up with Wang Xuan, but found that he was still lagging behind.
“No matter what, I will hide in the soil and won’t go back. This talisman will find an opport

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