d every dance pose is beautiful.


It was beautiful, but it also reminded Lu Bei of some bad things.
If I remember correctly, last year when he was on a mission for the Xuanyin Division in Yuezhou, his eldest brother Hu San dressed up as a charming woman in red palace clothes.
Thinking of this, looking at the dancer in red seems awkward.
Can you change your clothes? Red is easy to cause drama, even if you don’t wear it!
The sleeves were fluttering, the dance skirt was gorgeous, the dancer was in the middle with flowers and flowers, her waist was tilted back, her beautiful face was half covered by her pipa, her clear eyes slightly glanced at Lu Bei, and she saw a rather strange expression.
Lu Bei:
/The dancer was slightly startled. This expression was more of a distraction than a fascination.
No way, is this going to distract you?
When the song ends, the neon clothes fall off, the illusory mist disappears along with the music, and the dancer bows and retreats, disappearing behind the screen.
“Sect Master Lu?”
The clear music of the piano started again, Zhao Wuxie waved his folding fan, and saw Lu Bei staring straight in the direction where the dancer was leaving, holding up his wine glass to hide the smile at the corner of his mouth.
This is sure.
“Sorry, I got distracted and thought of some sad things.”
Lu Bei raised his hands to cover his face. He felt that he was probably sick. He couldn’t sleep at night. He sat up and lit a cigarette. He felt sad for no reason. He looked sadly at Bai Jin and She Zhang on the bed. They were both beautiful. The other one is also beautiful.
What’s terrible is that just the two of them are obviously no match for the stinky fox.
Looking at Zhan Hongqu who was sulking on the side, he shook his head again, this won’t work either, unless the three of them come together.
“Sect Master Lu, I suddenly remembered.”
“I remembered that I was refining a furnace of elixirs at home, and I calculated the time to go back and make elixirs. I didn’t have time to accompany me around, so I had no choice but to ask the dancer just now to accompany me, right?” Lu Bei answered skillfully. Talked.
“Ah this”
Zhao Wuxie smiled awkwardly and raised a fan to cover half of his face: “If Sect Master Lu insists on doing this, I can only be respectful and obey.”
“That’s not necessary. The dancer is very good, but my sect leader is notoriously not close to women. It would be better for Brother Zhao to accompany me.”
These words sounded strange, and even Zhan Hongqu glanced at Lu Bei subconsciously. Lu Bei reacted in time and told Zhao Wuxie not to misinterpret the meaning of the words. He was just not close to women, not not to women.
After a banquet, Lu Bei looked sad and lamented that he was too ill and needed several beauties to work together for help. It would be best to be honest with each other in the swimming pool of his cousin’s house, which would have better therapeutic effects.
It really couldn’t be cured, so he had no choice but to endure the pain and turn his eldest brother into

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