ed it.


Wang Xuan banged a few times, then quickly stopped and stopped.
“Set off!”
He put on the God-Slaying Flag and carried the silver animal-skin book, and sank into the depths of the Fateful Earth, disappearing in an instant.
Another wandering journey, in Wang Xuan’s perception, about “two months” had passed, and he appeared in front of the Pool of Life.
“After transporting a large amount of life soil and planting the heavenly medicine, it seemed that the distance between the two places was suddenly shortened and a lot of time was saved.” He had this feeling when he returned last time.
In the earliest days, it took him “eighteen months” to get here from his destiny, but now it seems that the distance has been greatly shortened!
/The silver substance is permeated, and the place is full of life. The liquid in the rough pool does not decrease and is always abundant.
Wang Xuan was taken aback. What surprised him most was that the hill made of life soil and the transplanted heavenly medicine had changed greatly.
The earth and mountains were covered with living matter, and the silver mist seemed to turn into lifelike animals, like dragons coiling, tigers raising their heads, and raptors flapping their wings.
This pile of fateful soil is surrounded by clouds and fog, and the white mist goes up the mountain and flows continuously. The Nine Tribulations Heavenly Lotus is completely different. It pulls out a long vine and hangs three new leaves with silver light.
Is this a mutation?
No matter how you look at it, it is no longer the prototype of a lotus, but like a wisteria sprouting branches. It is now more than a foot long, and has thin thorns, which are dark red. Is this self-protection?
“It’s grown so fast, I can consider transplanting the heavenly medicine again. It will shorten the distance between my life and this place.”
Wang Xuan increasingly believed that his previous speculations were reasonable. Wherever the land of destiny, the footprints, and the medicine of heaven came, he was pioneering in a land of nothingness, and he was getting closer to the truth.
“No matter what else, let’s take a shower first.” He jumped into the pool that looked like it was carved out of rough rock and soaked in the silver fairy liquid.
“It’s so comfortable. It’s much better than staying in a blood pool. It’s better to have your own pool.” His mental body was greedily absorbing the silver liquid.
/This is extremely high-level energy. It has an amazing nourishing effect on both the physical body and the spirit, and can regenerate the soul.
Every time he comes here, he will undergo new changes, shed a layer of spiritual afterbirth, and his spiritual power will be greatly improved as a result.
“Speaking of which, what is the origin of the meteorite in the blood pool? Was it captured while passing through the solar system from a certain corner of the deep space and then fell?”
He was frowning. That meteorite contained a power that was close to reality, giving him many thoughts.
Wang Xuan looked at the dark void in the di

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