ttle sun expanded with boundless waves of fire, and the peripheral restrictions instantly fell apart. The glare was so bright that people dared not look directly at it. The Huangji Sect disciples who were running far away were stunned when they saw this.


Then he ran faster.
On the sea of ??sand, Zhu Qilan flew out of the void and smashed into a deep pit.
She coughed up blood, quickly took out a bottle of Butian Marrow and drank it. Her injuries recovered, and she couldn’t find Lu Bei when she got up, and her heart skipped a beat.
No, the dead are really going to become dead.
The next second, she saw Zhiyuan with a compassionate face stepping out of the void and standing in front of her, and her expression became even more gloomy.
It would be better to die than to die!
/boom! !
The figure fell into the void, crashed through the south wall, and stumbled to the ground.
Lu Bei slowly sat up and found that the bottom of his buttocks was soft. He looked down and saw a slightly familiar young man who rolled his eyes and vomited blood. He nodded and cast a grateful look.
Thank you, stranger, for that great answer.
[You came into contact with [Southern Chijun Dao Jing], did you spend 100,000 skill points to learn it? ]
[You cannot study]
[After seizing the fate, you can try again]
[You observe the Southern Constellation Map and understand the skill [Suzaku Walk], strength +50, spirit +50, charm +10, free attribute points +10, skill points +800]
[You completed the hidden mission: Return of the Four Spirits and gained 4 million experience]
[When you look at the map of the southern stars, you will have an epiphany, and the Secret Record of the Great Wilderness Demon will be improved, and you will continue to work hard]
[You understand
Lu Bei: (一`′一)
He’s already here, so why not practice some training first? Anyway, Zhu Qilan is thick-skinned and won’t die for a while.
Besides, cultivating immortals is what teammates are used for.
[You have understood the Great Wilderness’s Secret Record of Demon Creation and achieved something, strength +28, speed +28, spirit +28]
[You have learned the Great Wilderness’s Secret Record of Demon Creation and gained hugely. The general experience is
[You have comprehended the Secret Records of Demon Creation in the Great Wilderness, broken through the realm of skills, and your total level has increased by 3 levels]
[You refine the purity of your bloodline, achieve something, speed +5]
Why does observing the Southern Constellation Chart have the effect of refining Tianpeng’s bloodline?
The reason is very simple. If you look carefully, the southern starry sky is in the shape of a big bird fluttering its wings.
They are all birds flying in the sky. The colleagues you see when you look down may be relatives. Considering the past friendship, it is normal for Suzaku to give Tianpeng a hand.
Lu Bei said that as the leader of the Yuhua Sect, he is one of the few flying experts in the world and the authority among authorities. Would he talk nonsense about insi

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