ky, as if one small world after another was opening up, emerging and dying.


The two-headed man was extremely sharp, and he smashed it with one stick, causing some caves to explode, some stars and sand to be annihilated, and those spaces were crushed by the immortal iron rod.
It is like the divine iron before the creation of the sky, which was refined into an extremely heavy immortal weapon.
Yanque roared, no longer peaceful, and his short hair seemed to be on fire. The power of the world stirred, and the rules of space lased. He went all out to let all the embodied sand combine together and turn into a small stream. Gate to the world.
“Exile!” In line with his curse, the door took the two-headed man in.
Without any words, the mutated two-headed man used nothing more than an iron rod to crack the small door to the world, and even one corner exploded.
“Too fierce!” Even Hong Teng was awe-inspiring.
In the portal of the small world, there was a knife of space rules, which kept striking at the two-headed man. Sparks flew everywhere, but it did not even cut him.
A red lotus emerged, blocking the door, allowing the cracked light door to recover, and the red glow shone continuously, blasting into the door, resisting the fairy light of the iron rod.
/The door to the small world is closed!
All of this happened in a blink of an eye, so fast that some people on the opposite side had no time to support them.
Both sides are limit-breakers with extremely rich combat experience. They collided with each other in an instant, and a life-and-death battle broke out.
In order to quickly deal with the team without two-headed men, one side is not only fighting back fiercely, but also wants to kill these people without the strongest person present. They are full of confidence.
It was indeed a pure-blood true dragon. The moment it showed its true form, the dragon’s body curled up and almost strangled Cai Wei. She was indeed not good at close combat and was setting up a formation in the void.
This real dragon was indeed very strong. It broke through the constraints of space and swam with its shrunken true body, which was more than three feet long, locking Cai Wei at the waist.
Cai Wei’s body had cracks and she was almost cut in half.
/She quickly used her soul to illuminate the magic circle runes to protect herself.
A terrifying dragon roar caused the void to explode, causing some of the runes of the magic circle to be extinguished and destroyed.
Everyone was surprised. They seriously underestimated this dragon. It was probably not much weaker than the two-headed man, right?
Cai Wei’s waist was bleeding, her ribs were broken, and her bones creaked as the bones were squeezed. The body of the real dragon was densely covered with immortal runes, and it was about to crush her in an instant.
A horrifying dragon roar came out, and the real dragon writhed violently, letting go of Cai Wei. The entire dragon’s face was distorted, and it looked to one side.
At the critical moment, a man took action and shot three arrows in one go. Th

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