e and more decadent and depressed.


After all, in this process, the aura that is actually lost only exists at the surface level. At a deeper level, what is also lost in large quantities is the Taoism that Wanxiang Celestial Beings have successively deposited and accumulated in the past. The foundation, as well as the condensed and unified spiritual essence of its Dharma body and divine form.
These are the supreme jade mines that Chu Weiyang smelts, and the spiritual light and rain that fall on them cannot be made up for in a short time. Those things that disappear in the years can only rely on the longer years. Time comes and it comes back bit by bit.
At this moment, Chu Weiyang could even see clearly that many of the heavenly beings who returned on the cloud road were lying leisurely on the rocking chairs and cloud beds after returning to the heavens of the Five Zang Dao Palaces. He fell into a deep sleep, and in this process, the dim spirituality of his body gradually contained a soft glow.
At the end of the song, people dispersed.
And it was at the moment when the last Vientiane Heavenly Man disappeared from Yujing Mountain.
Suddenly, as if he had lost the anchor of some supreme charm, Chu Weiyang almost instantly lost the majestic thoughts and thoughts that were originally mixed in the Taiyu Emperor’s sky and on the Yujing Mountain, as well as the endless thoughts. All the springs of inspiration and thoughts returned at this moment, returning towards the Taoist’s physical body.
But in such a long-term observation, in fact, the perfection process of “Tao Shu·Feng” from scratch, the complete sutra mixed with the same sound, and even the imprinted on Dao Zhouzi’s Dharma, in fact, The Taoist seals, which are also condensed in the foundation of Taoist Taoism and Dharma, also return with Chu Weiyang’s thoughts, bringing them back from the inner world to Chu Weiyang’s physical Taoist body.
Apart from all kinds of Tao and Dharma, which may be virtual or real, yin or yang, Chu Weiyang’s purest physical Tao body is where the true form, spirit and life are located!
As a result, these infinitely condensed auras were almost scattered, wandering, brewing, and condensed again in accordance with the Tao method in Chu Weiyang’s physical Taoist body!
At this moment, immeasurable jade light surged from Chu Weiyang’s heart.
/There are no Taoist seals condensed in the center of Chu Weiyang’s eyebrows. This return to true charm, reflected in the Taoist’s form and spirit, is far more obscure and mysterious than Chu Weiyang imagined.
The Taoist seal that is almost the same as the one between the eyebrows of Dao Zhouzi appears at this moment in Chu Weiyang’s Shangyuan Dantian Niwan Palace, casting your boundless jade light and turbid brilliance in In this moment, the origin of Chu Weiyang’s form, spirit, life, life, and law came to him, and came with the condensation of the seal itself.
Once the talisman was revealed, it suddenly merged into Chu Weiyang’s Niwan Palace, on top of the spiritual platform hanging in the sky.

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