With a pop, she couldn’t stand and fell to the ground. She tried her best to raise her head, but her struggle was in vain.
The fire of extraordinary civilization performed by Jing Zhongyue went out, and he fell down. He wanted to get up and try again and again.
Mu Wuya’s physical body was tough, and he could become immortal after practicing the True Saint Kung Fu to the extreme. After he fell down, he used all his strength to kneel on the ground on one knee, trying to stand up again.
Wang Xuan’s expression of Tao Yun in his heart is almost done after reaching this point, because he has no more pressure. He only vents and splashes ink to this point.
There was silence between heaven and earth. Lin Ran, Jing Zhongyue and Mu Wuya took this opportunity to stand up.
Wang Xuan’s body trembled for the last time, and he sighed softly as he looked at Dao Yun’s endless scrolls. These were his real experiences with his old friends, and he spoke from his feelings.
This time, the preliminary acting ended here, but the final aftertaste was even longer due to the revelation of his true emotions and the sigh.
In that scene, the universe was dark, the falling snowflakes were all black, the whole world fell into a severe winter season, everything was withered, and darkness enveloped the surrounding areas.
Linran, Jing Zhongyue, and Mu Wuya were about to stand up, but they were shocked by the dark winter in the realm of extreme decay of mythology. They were frozen, as if all laws were decayed, and even the principles of time were gone. They were He knelt down on one knee, his whole body stiff and unable to move.
The pitch-black extraordinary winter seemed to have completely frozen their extraordinary forms.
Regarding the rest, Wang Xuan really couldn’t evolve anymore. He had never experienced it, and he didn’t have that kind of unforgettable experience. After a moment of silence, he came back to his senses.
“You all actually knelt down. Are you bowing your head and admitting defeat? Did you call me Master? Sorry, I was so immersed just now that I didn’t hear you.”
/Wang Xuan looked at the three people with a surprised expression.
These words and this look in their eyes made the three of them feel so angry that they were about to burn through their chests. This was really unbearable.
/“I call you a good girl!” As a beautiful and charming woman, Lin Ran wanted to retaliate to him like this.
“Call your father!” Jing Zhongyue also wanted to curse like this, but in an instant she realized that even if she cursed secretly, she would still suffer a big loss.
There is no doubt that this battle has come to an end. The three of them were suppressed in a very disgraceful manner. They were suppressed on the ground, either kneeling on one knee or touching their heads to the ground, just like wild beasts expressing their submission to the coming King of Beasts. .
“I have to say, you guys are really weak. The power of the three ruins is not as good as Yizhen.” Wang Xuan looked down at them, do you want to kill them?
In fact,

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