d left, going down the mountain. Her back swayed in the moonlight, hazy and beautiful. She left the hall area and disappeared quickly.


Many people from the Gibbon tribe hurriedly chased after them. Chao Peer Yi Yin frowned and glanced at Wang Xuan. Even she was surprised.
Young Wolf Tian whispered there, talking about this matter, saying: “There is no doubt about the strength of the second father, super fierce! However, this time he spoke very gently. After meeting the same kind, he saves face for the other person. This is unique to fierce monsters. Gentle? I think there may be a second mother in Wuxing Mountain in the future.”
/“You bitch, what are you talking about? Shut up!” There were many people from the Gibbon Ape Clan present, and some of them could actually intercept the spiritual transmission, and immediately drank it up loudly.
The wolverine didn’t like hearing it anymore, and said with a cold eyebrow: “Wolverine, shut up! Can’t you see that he is the son of Sirius? He is my son, do you want to try another one? Let my brother Kong Xuan beat him up.” Your monkey head, how dare you insult his only nephew?!”
Not to mention, Kong Xuan, the famous demon of Wuxing Mountain, now has a certain evil reputation, which makes the violent ape opposite him a little afraid. After all, even An Jingqi left holding her stomach.
“What are you yelling about? If you have the guts, you can end up on your own and fight me.” A gibbon god said.
“Okay, it’s you!” Wolverine agreed happily. The other person was just a person who had just reached the heaven level, so he was really not afraid.
No one expected that another battle would break out under the moonlight.
Both of them bloomed with heaven-level runes, but Wolverine’s place was obviously many times more brilliant. Without saying a word when he came up, a peacock opened his tail, and the five-color divine light pierced the night sky.
In an instant, the monkey on the opposite side could not move. It was like being trapped in a quagmire, imprisoned in the five-colored small world in mid-air, and could not get out at all.
“The world of five colors, the five elements rotate, and everything is free!” The wolverine held its head high, with three feathers on its head standing upright, and looked at the wolf with a high spirit.
However, the five-color world soon became blurred, and the creature was about to tear apart the small world and come to the outside world.
However, the wolverine was already prepared. On its head, three bright feathers shone, and each of them transformed, and three big men jumped out from its head.
/The struggling gibbon ape received three heavy blows in an instant. His body was in tatters, and most of his head and body were lost. He screamed miserably on the spot.
“God is kind to you, I will spare your life, go ahead.” The wolverine said, withdrawing his magical power, and the three big men jumped on his head and transformed into three bright feathers again.
In fact, he mainly saw Yi Yin, the extraordinary Yi Yin of the Gibbon Ape Tribe, glan

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