e bone dragon to sink into the ground.


The black dragon Alexis’ left and right claws kept hitting the bone dragon’s head. The bones of the head were extremely strong. The black dragon Alexis didn’t aim at the junction of the bones, so he couldn’t break the bone quickly. Dragon skull.
This was also intentional by the black dragon Alexis. This bone dragon was no match for him at all and it was very easy to kill.
But at this time, the black dragon Alexis was venting. Through crazy blows, he vented the anger and grievances of being imprisoned and tortured for tens of thousands of years through the attacks of the dragon’s claws.
The bone dragon’s head suffered from cracks in the blows. Although the bone dragon wanted to absorb the power of death and restore the skull, the repair of the power of death was not as good as the damage caused by the black dragon Alexis.
The repair of the bone dragon only extended the time it was attacked, but did not prevent it from being destroyed.
The black dragon Alexis, who had been suppressing himself, felt so relieved after killing two bone dragons that he couldn’t help but let out a loud dragon roar.
As the dragon’s roar sounded, a large number of skeletons fell in the shock wave caused by the dragon’s roar.
David quickly increased his speed and kept flying above the fallen skeletons. To kill these skeletons, Shadow Warrior needed to absorb their souls.
The black dragon Alexis is indeed very powerful, but his soul has been severely damaged. Most of his attack and defense power have been restored, but he lacks the means to attack the soul.
Besides, David didn’t want to waste any soul energy. This soul energy was extremely precious. He didn’t know if he would have such a good opportunity again this time.
The black dragon Alexis, who was about to return to his kitten state, suddenly looked into the distance. The black dragon Alexis, who was in his normal state, had sensitive perception.
“Master Arthur, I found two little bugs, I’ll catch them for you!” the black dragon Alexis said in a deep voice.
/In this state, the words spoken by the black dragon Alexis were like thunder.
After getting David’s permission, the huge figure of the black dragon Alexis flashed and turned into a black light belt.
Comparing this speed with the huge body of the black dragon Alexis, David couldn’t help but feel numb when he saw it.
David looked at the keel bones on the ground. Except for the skulls, the two keel bones were complete. He had attacked the keel bones and knew how strong they were.
His spirit swept over and collected all the dragon bones into the space pendant. The value of these dragon bones must be extraordinary.
After putting away the keel, David also chased the direction of the black dragon Alexis. Along the way, Shadow Attendant collected the souls of the skeletons destroyed by the impact of the black dragon Alexis.
/The fifth-level bishop Bunian and the fifth-level bishop Monsarat chose to take the initiative to find Lord Arthur. When Lord Arthur was fighting two bone dragons, t

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