ls or other portals for positioning, so they can communicate directly.


David, who was sitting on the back of the ‘Sonic Boom Iron Beetle’, sensed energy fluctuations coming from a newly acquired space ring, and his mind swept through the space ring.
He didn’t have time to sigh at the hugeness inside the space ring, and his mind first scanned the contact circle where the energy fluctuations were.
David took out the contact circle. This contact circle was quite special. Looking at it from the perspective of an ‘alchemist master’, he found that it was not just an alchemy pattern, but also several divine patterns.
Divine patterns can only be mastered by temples, and are drawn by fifth-level priests who specialize in alchemy.
At least with David’s current ‘Alchemy Master’ ability, he cannot imitate the divine patterns on the contact circle.
/Of course, although it cannot be imitated, it is not difficult to crack and use it. His spirit entered the contact circle and easily obtained the permission to use the contact circle.
At this time, David discovered that the person who applied for contact was actually Lord Gould. He was confused, but he did not suspect that Lord Gould was involved in the attack on him.
After hesitating for a moment, David activated the contact circle while rejecting the mutual projection function.
“Lord Marcus, please stop all actions against Duke Arthur, otherwise I will use all my family’s strength to fight the Baruch family until death!” Lord Gould’s expression changed when he connected to the contact circle. He said in a deep voice.
As for the planet-level portal of Baruch being closed, Lord Gould believed that it was Lord Marcus who did it to block Duke Arthur and prevent him from leaving Baruch.
“Lord Gould, I am Arthur!” David was extremely moved when he heard Lord Gould’s threat, and he hurriedly replied.
“Arthur, just be fine. Just be careful. What you are facing is not a few top nobles, but a power group. You’d better not take action now. You can consider it after I have compiled some information.” How to act!” Lord Gould was stunned for a moment, and then said happily.
Lord Gould did not ask for news about Lord Marcus, because there was no need to ask. A lord’s contact circle must be carried with him. Since the contact circle fell into the hands of Duke Arthur, then Marcus Needless to say what happened to Lord Si.
“Okay, I’ll wait for your news!” David did not reject Lord Gould’s kindness. In fact, he lacked intelligence support in this regard.
Just like this time, he was able to enter Baruch’s planet, largely because McPhee’s fifth-level Templar was too careless.
If McPhee, the fifth-level Templar, had not been pompous and had put away his ‘Starship’ when he was on Tula, David would have had no chance of entering Baruch.
And based on Lord Marcus’s actual combat power, if there was intelligence support in advance, David would not be able to give Lord Marcus a chance to take action. He would just like before, find an opportunity to get up close and let the six level five The T

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re was any further hesitation, no one would be able to leave.

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