d feel that he was in an extremely bad mood.


“How could this happen? We lost contact!” A bad premonition arose in Weibo’s heart. He entered the Sky City. In theory, he could sense the second body, but now, there was no disturbance, and they were interrupted.
When this happens, there are only a few possibilities, either the secondary body dies, or the other party takes the initiative to cut off contact with him and does not want to see him, or enters a special place and is isolated from the outside world.
He was originally on his way to the Heavenly Palace in the Creation Garden. During this period, he contacted Tong Zheng and asked if his second body was still there. He received feedback that his second body had come to the Sky City, so he turned around and came back. .
“Tong Zheng, are you sure that my second body is in the Sky City?” He contacted the other party again.
“Yeah, didn’t you feel it? I think he was experiencing the worldly love, looking for a beautiful encounter, and now he deliberately lost contact and enjoyed life.” Tong Zheng laughed.
Then, he told that Wei Bo’s reincarnation had invited him and Hao Ren to experience life together, saying that it would be an opportunity for them to have the stranger Li Lin enter the world of mortals to refine their hearts.
Tong Zheng said frankly, “To be honest, I did come out. I went boating on the Xingyue River to enjoy the scenery and watch the fairies dance. It’s so colorful here. Do you want to come? I guess your next incarnation may hunt here.” So pretty, haha!”
On the Xingyue River, Yao Xiaoqian fell lightly, her colorful clothes fluttering, her complexion fair in the starlight, her figure swaying, graceful and charming. After a few simple glasses of wine, accompanied by a silver bell-like laughter, she instantly blended in When you come in, you don’t feel like she’s suddenly joining in. It seems like she’s been here all the time. She’s quite good at getting closer to people.
Wang Xuan learned that she was a native of Sky City, and the big demon behind the fortune gambling house was also named Yao. Some good people called Yao Xiaoqian the most beautiful fairy in Sky City.
“Huh?” Suddenly, Tian Cheng received the communication, his face was surprised, and then he looked happy and said: “Wei Bo is here!”
On the big ship, many people got up and wanted to greet them. They valued and were quite afraid of the foreign family related to the True Saint Tradition.
“There’s no need to go to Sky City to pick him up. He came by himself.” Tian Cheng shook his head.
/After asking for the direction, Wei Bo came from the air. He was dressed in modern attire, with short silver hair that didn’t reach his ears. He had three-dimensional facial features and bright eyes. He was very extraordinary and he arrived quickly.
Wang Xuan secretly called out bad luck, stood up with everyone, and greeted Wei Bo.
At the same time, he felt strange. He had just killed a Weibo, and not long after, he was drinking with his master again. The fate in this world was really wonderful.

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