uld he commit suicide? Are we sure of it? Now that we have determined the specific area, let’s check the area carefully.”


At noon, the hell sun was shining in the sky, and the latest news came. Kong Xuan was suspected of having entered a huge city and disappeared.
This was a blurry, distorted figure captured by a mechanical cicada from a very far away place. Kong Xuan was too fast, but it could be roughly judged that he seemed to have really entered the city.
“Is there any movement in the city?”
“It’s pretty quiet right now, not much has changed.”
Each dojo was surprised and wanted to know the exact result.
It didn’t take long. A large number of detection devices, including mechanical moths, were in the area, and there were blood stains on the main street in the city.
But there is an extraordinary fog lingering in the city, making it difficult to see clearly what is going on in the center.
“Let people who have cultivated various divine eyes come and take a look. I really don’t believe that a transcendent who can defeat limit breakers four times would be so unwise.”
In the afternoon, a piece of news shook hell.
It was confirmed that Kong Xuan broke into a huge city, died in battle, and was transformed into a prowler by the mysterious power of hell. Now he is motionless, standing on the tallest stone tower in the center of the city!
“He died and became a Prowler? It’s unexpected. He’s seeking death. Please give him a hammer.”
They repeatedly confirmed that he had indeed become a monster after many observations by people who had cultivated the divine eye, and that his state was incomparably consistent with that of the Prowler.
Moreover, someone later saw him standing with the evil creatures in the city.
/The white sparrow, the golden ladybug, and the star demon are all creatures that have broken the limit four times. They are with him, coexisting peacefully, and they are all motionless.
“Unexpectedly, Kong Xuan, the so-called quality inspector with a notorious reputation, ended up like this. He died a bit useless. Let’s go and see what he looked like at the end.”
People in the True Saint Dojo were in action. Some wanted to confirm his life and death and whether he was really a monster, while others wanted to watch the fun.
Hell 5 Po Immortal naturally heard about it, but he said nothing and thought quietly: Aren’t you guys putting pressure on me and not letting me report on major events in Hell? Well, I will watch you silently.
The main thing is that Hell 5 Po Immortal has witnessed Kong Xuan’s achievements with his own eyes, and he really doesn’t want to provoke him, so he will wait and see what the rumors are like first.
In hell, the slightly crimson sun hangs high, and the mountains and rivers are beautiful, sweeping away the blood and forest of the night, and it is full of life.
The golden maple trees on the horizon are quite brilliant in the sunshine, and the white petals of the snow orchid trees on the mountains are rustling down to the plains.
The fiery red trees are very eye-catching, but not

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