im all over the face.


“Let you Lu Bei! Let you curse!”
“Are you still going north?”
“Don’t fight, don’t fight”
Gu Zongchen did not stop him. He had been keeping strict supervision over Lu Dong, trying to convert the demon from outside the territory into a Buddha, and wash away the bad habits from Lu Bei. Not to mention killing, he did not give him a chance to bully the weak.
Today is an exception. The young monk feels that Lu Xi needs to take care of himself.
This little melon-headed melon is so clever. If he encounters Lu Bei, he will most likely never come back. Asking Lu Dong to teach him a lesson is better than building a seven-level pagoda.
Xing Li received a heavy beating from one man after another, and was unable to fight back. He offered up several good-looking magic weapons, but Lu Dong took them in his hands and broke them into several pieces.
The difference in strength was visible to the naked eye, and Lu Dong lost interest after beating him for a while.
It’s boring to have dirty hands, it would be about the same if it were Lu Bei.
Lu Dong couldn’t figure it out even if he tried to break Gu Zongchen’s head. Among the north, south, south, and north, Lu Nan was already invincible in the Heavenly Demon Realm. The two strong powers of the north and east stood side by side and were invincible in the world. How could he go from being unbeatable to anyone in the west? No one can beat it?
When the camera turned, Xing Li, who had recovered from his injuries, was still proud. This was his last stubbornness.
At the same time, he also confirmed that there really was Lu Dong in the world, right in front of him.
“Why, why are you all so powerful?”
/Xing Li gritted his teeth and said bitterly: “Forget it Lu Nan, he was born early and got a huge advantage due to his luck. As for you, you have also started practicing from scratch in the world. Your qualifications and understanding are as good as anyone’s. Why are you so much better than me?” ?”
Have a good life!
Lu Dong raised his chest and raised his head proudly. Reincarnation is a technical job. Although he was not born as early as Lu Nan, he was born well and luckily. He was embedded in Gu Zongchen’s body as soon as he was born.
He doesn’t even need to practice, he can just help Gu Zongchen practice with the secret method of the devil’s heart training.
Of course, you can’t say that, the demon from outside the territory also wants to lose face.
“Little Lu Xi, you really don’t know how high the sky is. Do you really think your qualifications and understanding can be compared with mine and Lu Nan?”
Lu Dong took out his latest summary of the demon-slaying theory and did a little processing on it: “In terms of qualifications and understanding, I am on par with Lu Nan. As for you, hehe, you are not even qualified to carry your shoes.”
“This is unreasonable, you are deceiving the devil too”
The situation was stronger than the people, so Xing Li gritted his teeth and gave up. He secretly said thirty years to the east of the river and thirty years

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